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■ ell... we've come a long way together, haven't we? We tried our best to deal with the most vexing issues of enticing women into our seductive hearts and desires. I repeatedly pounded into your head the notion that women grade men for attractiveness based on how they rank on the male dominance scale, and not on how they look, per se. I did this to show you exactly where to concentrate your greatest efforts in order to improve your stock in the eyes of the women you will meet from now on. You should understand by now that it's more important to project the proper male 'power' attitude around women than it is to kill yourself in the gym or plunk down two grand for the latest bolt-on hair replacement.

So in this final chapter, I'd like to bounce a few more of my crazy ideas off of you concerning what might be called the big picture... i.e., the larger issues surrounding the man-woman dynamic. After all, what good is it to have the ability to seduce women left and right if the relationships that you keep having with them are ultimately unfulfilling? Sure you get them in the sack and have fun for a while, but sooner or later the same old conflicts arise and the whole thing ends up falling apart. Then you have to be miserable for awhile (actually, you were already miserable during the weeks leading up to the breakup...) until you finally dredge up the motivation to begin the whole process over again.

Now I know that some of you horndogs are into the thrill of the hunt and would love nothing more than to learn how to hop from one cute chick to the next. The breaking up part is only a minor inconvenience to you. If that's the case, then knock yourself out and get on with it you narcissistic bastard. You're done with this book.

But I also know that there are lots of guys out there who would just as strongly (Chap 7 -- Pg. 202)

like to use this knowledge to find the perfect soulmate. You need to be looking out for certain critical signs and signals as your relationships with women develop into a richer bloom. I also think there will come a day when all you drooling horndogs will have to hang up your condom 12-packs and settle down, and when that time comes you'll want to understand what secret element makes for a relationship that keeps both of you happy and energized. Why be a miserable bastard like everyone else you know if it isn't necessary? Why not have the best of both worlds?... sow your wild oats until you can't stand it any more, then settle down with a women whom you really care about and who can fulfill your needs and keep you happy until you croak (with a smile on your face no doubt)!

Ha!... you say. A tall order? Aren't there millions of nutty relationship books already out there, Venus n' Mars et al, that are supposed to give me all the guidance in this field that I could ever need -- and aren't they all just a lot of bullshit to fill up the Oprah book club selection of the month? Hmmm? Well, I don't know if they're a bunch of crap or not -- all I know is that the subject is not fully complete until I've added my two cents into the pot. There. How's that for being an arrogant prick? ;-)

Anyway, enough of this blather. Let's break down the search for the perfect woman into three areas of knowledge...

• 1) what women need from men to feel fulfilled emotionally,

• 2) ditto, what men need from women, and finally

• 3) how to put it all together in a complete sexy little package that you will immediately recognize as "The Right One"... that elusive little minx that you've been spanking your monkey dreaming about all your wasted life!

Well, you won't find her (and truthfully, hardly anyone actually does) if you don't know what the hell you're looking for in terms of qualities and characteristics inherent in her deep nature. Also, it's your job to train your potential perfect soulmate and draw some of those qualities out of her by using your own clever seduction skills. Therefore, if you're unaware of what those romantic actions might even be, how in the hell can you make them?

Finding the Right One is one part searching and one part designing. You have to find a piece of good clay to work with, and then you have to take specific actions in order to mold that raw clay into your ideal life partner. Anything less and you're only playing the game of social roulette like everyone else and hoping that this person will make you happy for... who knows? Life? Whatever.

You need to assume the characteristics of the dominant male in order to seduce her, but it will take a deeper understanding of male and female psychologies in order to keep her happy so that she is motivated to keep you happy and fulfilled. Your seduction skills will atrophy after the initial 'fun phase' burns itself out if you can't eventually score the perfect woman for yourself, so there's no time to waste. My intuition is that is really why you bought this book -- not so you could learn how to become some bed-hopping party boy. Right? Yeah bay-bee!

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