Step 2 Knock her off her Pedestal

What the hell do I mean by that? Well, one of your problems is that you've built up great looking women to be untouchable goddesses in your mind. This stops you from approaching them because you are in awe of them. It's like when someone idolizes a celebrity then finally gets a chance to meet the object of their "reverence". What happens? They freeze up and can't speak a word! Why? Because the celebrity has been built up to such superhuman proportions in the mind of the adoring fan, that seeing him for real creates a paralyzing overload in his brain and he can't function in that person's presence. Sound familiar, bucky?

Because attractive women have become nothing more than untouchable fantasy creatures which you only idolize and dream about (especially while working on your crippling case of self-inflicted Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), you can't face them for real. When you encounter one it's like you've suddenly found yourself in the presence of God Almighty and all you can do is fall to the ground and tremble like some old Biblical prophet. This adoring attitude is a certain trademark of the low status submissive male, the guy that all women (except perhaps the most terrifying fatties) absolutely despise. If they even sense this as being your first non-verbal communication, you are dead before you open your mouth to utter that stupid pick-up line you've been working on all week.

Read that again... YOU ARE DEAD!

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