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Okay, let's see if I can summarize everything into another one of my famous 'cheat sheets'.

Don't act weird. Sounds obvious but it's not. Single people tend to have a disturbing strangeness about them that tags them as curiosities to be avoided. I know you've met women that you can tell almost at a glance are "lifetime virgins". In a man, "single guy weirdness" signals that he is a neophyte when it comes to matters sexual and emotional. It suggests that you're a low status male who's been roundly rejected by women all your life!

Women are experts on picking up these signals, far better than you will ever be. So while you're standing around socially incapacitated because you're afraid of being rejected, what you don't realize is that you already are rejected! You "auto-rejected" yourself before she ever had a chance to! She's just following up on the cue you're giving her. See how much about yourself is on open display -- communicated just by your appearance and attitude without you even realizing it?

Try your damndest never to send the weird guy signal, ever.

Act guileless when you first meet a woman. Say what? Okay, here's some of the synonyms that I'm getting for guileless from my spell checker... genuine, innocent, honest, sincere, aboveboard, natural, unfeigned, open, trusting, casual, unpretentious, etc. etc. Get it? Just the opposite of how uneasy and cautious most people usually act around someone they don't know. Why guileless? Because being this way makes you seem approachable and harmless, two qualities that will encourage a woman to strike up a conversation with you. You don't want to come across as having an ulterior motive that she's got to guard against. Which you don't have anyway... you're just having fun flirting, right?. No pressure, no point, no goals. Remember, when you act like you don't need something... that's when you get it. This is the "perverse-reverse" law of the universe that keeps heaping more riches and rewards on the wealthy while stomping on the poor. Don't ask me why it works that way, all I know is that it does. So work with it.

It will always and forever be your job to make the first move and start a conversation. There's no manner of trickery or treachery that you or I will ever be able to dream up to relieve ourselves of this hated burden which taps straight into the core of our shame. Truthfully, I wouldn't worry about it though, because most women are even more self-conscious and self-loathing than are men. If a guy walks by and fails to pay attention to her, a woman isn't thinking that the reason has to do with the fact that he's probably scared to say something -- that would be too 'other' directed, and people are always thinking that they are somehow the cause of everything happening around them. We don't consider that another person is responding to issues within his or her own mind, and that our own role is inconsequential. Hey, the world revolves around me!

She probably thinks you're ignoring her because she's so plain looking she can't even stir your casual interest.

Why is this important to understand? Because it gives you an upper hand in this game, so use it to your advantage. Just make sure to follow most of my tips and rules so that you actions are classy, and therefore, unrejectable.

Let your sexual energy control you for a change instead of vice versa. We talked about this already. One of the not-so-obvious reasons that your fear has such a vise-like hold of you has a lot to do with the fact that one of the most powerful emotional counterweights that could actually challenge it once in a while has been tamed and domesticated. Of course I'm talking about your sex drive. Most women probably think that men who don't see a lot of action must be on the edge of madness from all their pent up sexual frustration, but in fact just the opposite is usually true. The "never-get-laid" guys spend so much of their free time dreaming up creative new ways to self-gratify themselves, they're walking around in a perpetually depleted state from all their "palm partying"! As a result they have very little sex drive.

Lacking this important natural power robs you of the motivation you need to overcome your fears. Therefore those fears are in complete charge of your life. You know what you must do to change this situation, right? Give it a rest for a while and generate some positive horniness to help your cause out!

Ultimately, everything is her choice to make at every step along the way. Although it seems like the man is the one who must do all the heavy lifting in a seduction, it's actually the woman who selects the male at every step along the way -from the very first glint in her eye to her ultimate sexual surrender. She sends the initial

'approach me' signal that suggests her willingness to entertain your sales pitch... she decides whether or not to give you her phone number, date you once, date you a second time, beckon for your first kiss, allow further escalation to passionate kissing and groping, and then finally acquiesces to sexual submission. The idea that the man is pro-actively in charge of everything is strictly an illusion which exists only because social convention seems to demand it. Possibly to defend the fragile male ego? In any case, guys who don't understand the responsive role they play in the seduction dance get rejected often and resoundingly because they charge forward without first waiting for a clear green light GO Signal from the woman.

What's that, you say?... you'd be old and dead if you waited around for an "approach me" signal to come shining out from the baby blue eyes of some hot chick? That's because low status males rarely ever get a good signal. The solution?... become a High Status Dominant Male! Or at least learn how to act like one!

I cannot emphasize enough how every iota of whatever chances you'll ever have with a woman rests on where she perceives your position to be on the elusive male dominance scale that we talked so much about earlier. You can forget about trying to look "ripped" and stylish all that other superficial shit. Of course it's imperative that you attempt to look your best in terms of grooming and dress because you'll never know when the opportunity to meet your perfect girl will arise. But nothing is as important as that attitude of the dominant male that you must project to her right away.

And nothing will go so far to reduce your chances of getting rejected than operating in a manner that provokes her to signal your approach first. How could your odds not be improved? Go back to chapter 3 on The Dominant Male and review the collection of behaviors and mannerisms that you should try to adopt around attractive women in order to get them to start shooting you GO signals. Then you can proceed with real confidence because you can see that she's already allowing you to put your foot in the door, and that confidence is a primary high-status male characteristic that will make you seem even more attractive to her! See how you can make this whole thing spiral out of control in a positive direction for a change instead of a negative one? You have to cross over to the other side of the line so that the Universe starts working for you instead of against you. That's how the rich keep getting richer!

Let's face it, your life-defeating fear of rejection really only stems from the fact that deep down inside you've always known that you are a low status male -- and that women are likely to reject you because of it. Who wouldn't be afraid to play a game where you know you 're going to lose before you even take the field?... and that you're probably going to end up beating the hell out of yourself afterwards as a result? What incentive is there to play a game like that? No wonder guys like us withdraw and become loners. It's much simpler and far less stressful.

Well, whether or not you have ever really understood your anti-social predicament with this kind of clarity before -- or just kind of "sixth-sensed" it -- is now irrelevant... you can use this knowledge to guide all your future actions with the opposite sex from now on. It will give you a fighting chance like you've never had before -- which is all that you can ever realistically ask of the delicious game of seduction... and all that I can ever realistically deliver to you in a book.

Finally, what Closing the Sale with any particular woman or situation ultimately means is your business... I'm not going to preach how you should make use of any of this information to modify the path of your own life. Seduce as you see fit and at your own whim.

Just remember that above all else, the Dominant Male you are now swiftly becoming makes his own luck in life!

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