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What's good for the goose ought to be good for the gander; two can play at this game; it takes two to tango... catch my drift here? Just because you are the seducer in this 'formula of love' and therefore must be the one to modify his behavior in order to please the woman, it doesn't mean that you have to completely ignore your own needs. Remember, the dominant male likes what he sees and goes after it, but he doesn't grovel and compromise himself in order to get it at all costs. That's the domain of the weakling. When you are first meeting and then later dating a woman, it's not just all fun and games. As in the game of pool, you have to always be thinking about setting up your next shot. So, in order to set yourself up in a great relationship farther on down the road, you'll have to be evaluating her and carefully considering as to whether or not she seems capable of being a great partner for you. It's tough to get an absolutely certain assessment of her worth immediately (hell, some people never figure it out even after years of marriage...), but you should at least be able to get a little bit of a sense of whether or not she's going to have what it takes to make you happy.

The trick is to know exactly what the hell you should be looking for. This is where a lot of guys go wrong -- even guys who are otherwise skilled at meeting women. Ever notice how a lot of them keeping skipping from one girl to the next? It ain't always because they're so enamored of the chase either... it's because they keep picking the wrong women to have relationships with. After discovering just what lousy girlfriends they make, Romeo has no choice but to dump her and start hunting for a new one. If you like that sort of thing, okay... you can use the information in this book to give you an edge to become a serious 'player'. But there will come a time when you find that the hunt and chase has become a lot of tiresome bullshit too, and you'll just want to just settle down with one good woman. To find her you'll have to know what to look for... and how to read the 'early warning signals' to know if you've got a keeper or not.

Men also have Primary Emotional Needs which can only be satisfied within the structure of an intimate relationship. There are four big ones that especially need to be taken care of -- or you will always retain some nagging sense of dissatisfaction with your relationships and the women who populate them. Let's have a look at these right now:

Primary Emotional Need #1 -- The Need for Unconditional Acceptance - One of the saddest things you'll ever see is the guy who used to be your best pal and drinking buddy reduced to some pussy-whupped pile of complete dogshit by his incessantly nagging bitch of a wife. I have seen this happen so much you'd think I'd be used to it by now, but it never fails to sicken me. What the fuck is wrong with these women that they can't just accept a guy for what he is and leave him the fuck alone? They can't. Instead, as soon as they get married (and... MAJOR RED FLAG WARNING SIGN : even before when they're still dating) they go on a massive reclamation project to change and modify every little aspect of a guy's behavior and personality until there's nothing left of the person you once knew. Is this the goddamn price we have to pay for a regular slice ofpussy? I say FUCK NO!

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