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Do NOT put up with any woman who tries to constantly push for you to make major changes in your lifestyle, dress, hobbies or circle of friends.

Sure I know there's going to have to be some compromise, and I am absolutely recommending that you do change some of your habits to accommodate any new relationship. This is all part of the fun and excitement and adventure of seducing and being with a woman... things ain't gonna be the same for you anymore! But there has to be some limit as to how much lifestyle modification you will accept. You'll have to determine what is personally acceptable for you to change about your present way of life, and then stick to it. The key word in that last sentence is acceptable... you must develop a feel for when she's pushing for too much, and then learn when and how hard to push back. Don't be afraid to set your boundaries beyond which compromise is not an option any more. Dominant males will not be bullied by any woman.

The most important boundary for me is the private time that I require for reading and writing (women are big time thieves -- that's one of the most substantial downsides that you'll have to contend with). It took me over a year to write this 90,000+ word book that you're now reading -- consisting of around 150 individual writing sessions, not to mention the time required for proofreading, correcting, re-writing and formatting afterwards. Thousands of man-hours all told. Then there's the whole creation of the sales website and advertising promotions. A little green man doesn't do all this stuff for me, I had to learn how to do it all myself (a very enjoyable task by the way, I'm not complaining about it a bit!). All I'm saying is that you need to negotiate a lot of private time in order to tackle a project of this magnitude. Fortunately for me, I was in-between relationships during most of this period and was able to take advantage of the oodles of private time available to me. It would've been real tough to pull off with the simultaneous demands of a woman in my life.

But there's just so much worthless dogshit out there passing for useful information on this subject that it makes me sick. I know firsthand... I bought tons of this crap just to research my potential competition, and much of it is completely fuckin' lame, I think. Common sense shit that I learned when I was 12 years old. Tell me something I don't know!

So I wanted to write something for you guys that I could be proud of and that would challenge for being one of the definitive works on this subject. Something that would help ordinary guys like me and you deal with the number one real problem we have with women that can really ruin our lives, and that's our damned fear of rejection. I struggled with this phobia for all my adolescence and young adulthood -- it ruined some of the best years of my life. I hope you can sense that what I say here is genuine and from the heart. I really lived all of this shit... I'm not just making it up like some phoney baloney "venus & mars" guy.

Anyway, if I can wring out some of the truly important things I picked up along the way and pass them along to you, then I feel like I've done my good deed for this lifetime and I can croak in peace. (Not for another 50 years though, okay?...) The concept of the highly attractive dominant male is the single most critical thing that you must understand about women. If you can at least get this One Big Idea pounded into your skull, then you'll have taken away the most valuable insight in this entire book. Maybe I can save a few of you out there from forfeiting the best years of your lives to a bottle of baby oil and a copy of Hustler? Right?... well, whatever.

Hey ladies, if you don't like the guy as he is, then go find one that you do like!

Ah, but there's the rub, isn't it? There are no guys (who act like regular guys) that you actually like, are there? For certain women I'm convinced this is true. There are no men who some women can tolerate in their natural, manly state. They have to set out to change every little thing about them - the way they talk, walk, act in public and especially dress. Then they have their tame little puppy that they've always dreamed of parading around with! These screwy air-heads only want the most dominant male in the bunch, and then when they get him, the project becomes to tame him! Why? Maybe so he's less attractive to other women? "I bagged him, now all you other bitches stay away?"

I'm convinced that this kind of dynamic must be going on in their twisted minds, either that or we have to stop letting girls play with Ken dolls. Maybe this is where they get the idea that manipulating and controlling men (and dressing them, especially dressing them) is so much fun!

In any case, don't you stand for this kind of bullshit... or you will be a miserable, cowered, bastard as you fade away into the sunset. Sure you can probably stand to clean up your act a little and you should keep an open mind and take heed of her better suggestions, but just don't go off the deep end on me... caving into her every little demand to change this or that about yourself. To hell with that! There are plenty of women out there who don't think of men as restoration projects, and you must keep seducing away until you find one.

This is probably a "daddy hurt me" kind of deal where she's trying to reconstruct a wasted relationship with her father, only this time she's going to fix everything and make it right. I think you're nuts if you allow yourself to be the subject of this kind of twisted experimentation. Let her go find some other chump farther on down the food chain to hammer on, you must stand for a higher, more dominant, principle.

EARLY WARNING SIGNS : She starts to nag you about all sorts of stuff, little things at first, especially after you've begun having sex. Some women think once they've 'given it up' they've purchased the right to start bossing you around. Horseshit. She's getting just as much fun out of the deal as you are, don't let her retain the attitude that she's doing you some kind of favor. No dominant male stands for that. Her nagging will then expand to include your friends -- who of course are all just a bunch of clowns that she 'wishes' you wouldn't spend so much time hanging out with. Soon you will be locked at the hip and won't be able to do anything or go anywhere without her. Can you say suffocation? I know guys who've disappear off the face of the friggin' earth once some controlling bitch sinks her hooks into him. You never see the poor slob without his dominatrix at his side any more... puppet master and the sorry little puppet. You can't ever have a few words with him alone, she's got to be there monitoring all his conversations (lest one of his old buddies tries to blow some sense into his brain and begin deprogramming him).

Don't let this happen to you. Use your powers of seduction to sort through enough girls to find one that will allow you to retain your individuality and character. Always hold onto the dom male attitude that there are plenty of fish to be had. There are.

Primary Emotional Need #2 -- The Need to have a True Friend at His Side -...and not just a casual female buddy, but a real confidante. A man's circle of hard-core, solid friends tends to diminish when he gets older because we don't keep up our connections like women do. So you'll need her to support you in the way in which a true friend would do when tough times arrive. The same as you would do for her. Why? Because you really like each other. I'm not just talking about smarmy hot sexual love now, but true like.

You can't talk to your male buddies about the kinds of things that you can tell a woman, so you must have a sense that she's going to hold your discussions in confidence when they need to be held there.

You should also try to find a woman who will at least share in a few of your current interests. You can't expect her to love doing everything that you presently like to do with the same degree of enthusiasm you have, that's ridiculous... but you should be able to at least find some common ground. Otherwise what the hell will the two of you spend most of your time doing?... (yeah right, in your dreams Tarzan...).

Because you love her and care about her, you should also make an effort to share in some of the things she enjoys. And really get into them -- no faking -- because that will only cultivate a lot of resentment. Then the road to a breakup will smoothly paved for you.

Primary Emotional Need #3 -- The Need for Respect - As a dominant male, you need to know that your mate respects you and appreciates the things that you do for her. Of course, if you are a selfish asshole and never do anything of any value for her then what's there to appreciate, right? So get on the stick and make sure you take good care of her needs, but don't let her walk all over you and take everything for granted either. Keep the 'balance' thing in mind at all times.

As a man you take great pride in fulfilling your woman's deepest needs and desires, make sure that she shows you the respect that you feel you deserve for it.

Primary Emotional Need #4 -- The Need for Great Sex - Sex is extremely important to a man in a relationship, it's probably the main reason why we're even there at all! Don't cheat yourself on this end of the deal or you will become a certified miserable bastard (just like most of the married guys that you know). I'm not going to turn this into Sex Ed 101, but you should be able to get her involved in most everything you like to do while you strive to satisfy her most intimate needs (with some compromise of course, like the thing you always wanted to do with the rectal thermometer and the banana).

What might those needs of hers be? How the hell should I know...AS^ HER! This is the one and only bit of real advice that you will ever need to have on this subject: don't be ashamed to talk openly about your sexual needs and desires with any woman once you've become intimate with her. If you can't talk to each other then where the hell else can you go? Your mother? (Eeeeuuww... you fuckin' perv!).

The key to an awesome sexual relationship is mutual satisfaction... if you take care of her the correct way, she will take care of you enthusiastically without having to be begged and cajoled into trying anything beyond the old tried and true missionary position. Enthusiasm is the real deal breaker here, because if you've got to drag her into every little sexual encounter by performing tricks for her (favors, doing shit you don't want to do, changing your behaviors, etc.) you are soon going to build up massive resentment and we all know where that leads to... no sex at all. Who the hell wants to give an orgasm to someone that we 're always pissed off at? And of course it works both ways. You've now become two scorpions in a bottle... Mutually Assured Destruction.

The only way out of this trap is to never let it establish itself in the first place. You must strive to keep your sexual adventures and the intimate sensations that the two of you share sealed off as much as possible from all the other bullshit that might be going on around you. Of course this can become pretty much impossible depending upon how combative and bitchy she is and how much or little of it you are prone to accept without fighting back. There has to be some give and take, but it can't be all give or all take for either partner! If you find all your other issues spilling over into your sex life, then I believe the end is in sight -- because you can't exist in a relationship with a piss poor sex quotient. Especially if you're only just dating and there's no real commitment or kids involved yet.

Do not deny yourself this very essential and important male need or you will be flat out wretched. In fact, I suggest that you would be better off staying alone and working it out whenever you need to with your porno videos. At least you don't have to put up with 20 questions or the silent treatment after you're finished -- just turn the damn thing off and go to sleep!

Such a supposedly lonely life is NOT the bottom of the barrel despite what society would have you believe. Putting up with a bitch that will only grudgingly fuck you every once in a while when you've been good is the foul stinking bottom of the barrel my friend. And don't ever forget that

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