Is a Learned Skill

elieve it or not, you can become fearless... no matter how pitiful a coward you may be at present. There are many ways to approach the elimination of a personal, deeply-rooted fear that's been interfering with your life... desensitization, re-framing, anchoring, positive self-talk, or other forms of self-confidence training. But the best type of confidence is always a natural one that flows from simply knowing what the hell you're doing! The military can take a bunch of pimple-faced kids fresh out of high school and turn them into competent, battle-ready soldiers in just a few short weeks. They come in fearful and uncertain and come out confident and full of pride by being forced into situations where they discover deep reservoirs of inner strength that they didn't know they possessed.

The truly sad thing about fear is that we contain the potential to exhibit a lot more personal power than we often think, but the fear blocks our discovery of it... thus preserving its "imperial" status as unchallenged manipulator of all our behaviors. If we can somehow get beyond these paralyzing aspects of fear, whole new worlds will open up to us. Acceleration in our growth as individuals can be turned loose to develop an unstoppable momentum all its own. Institutions that train people to perform extraordinary tasks facilitate the unleashing of this anti-cowardly energy.

I can get you to destroy the rejection blocks that are making it impossible to enter into the first stages of the seduction process. The knowledge of what to say and, more importantly, how to act are the lonely beacons out of this rat maze.

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