Interpretation of Results

Alright, now it's time to see just how much of a babe magnet you really are. Following are all the "scores" for each answer of the Dominant Male Test that you just took back in Appendix D. Recall which letter answer, A - D, that you picked for each of the 25 questions, and write in the appropriate numerical value next to it.

When you're finished collecting the individual scores, add them up into a final overall sum and refer to the scoring ranges at the end of this Appendix. There you will find an interpretation of what your final score reveals about your ranking as a dominant male (or not).

This is will be a very instructive "look" into the psychological mirror for you that can help you to grow and develop a more attractive personality for women to consider when it comes time to select a date or a mate. Needless to say this will also guide you to see just where you might presently be going wrong in your dealings with women by presenting a new spin on your current behavior patterns. Guys don't get any instruction on this sort of thing... we just stumble through hit-or-miss land and fumble our way into whatever sort of relationships that we can manage to find. This kind of self-insight is crucial to your success with women. You have to Know before you can Grow!

Anyway, the format of this scoring sheet is as follows:

I've repeated the question in green highlighting so that you can refer to it quickly and easily without having to constantly page back to Appendix D.

Then I repeated the 4 possible answers in bold, followed by a numerical score in parentheses ( 5 ) for that particular answer. Whatever letter that you selected as your most likely response, write that corresponding number on your score sheet.

The best answer for each question (reflecting the most likely behavior or some characteristic of the dominant male) is 10 points, and I highlighted that answer in red so you can quickly see just what the optimum answer would be.

There's usually (but not always) a joke answer mixed in with each multiple choice selection just to see if you're still awake. I placed the joke answer in italics and gave it a value of zero ( 0). If you picked the joke answer because you're too much of a lamebrain to understand my awesome jokes, then that's exactly what you deserve.

I also make use of two acronyms in the interest of saving precious typing time -LSM means Low Status Male, and HSM conversely means High Status Male. Got it?

Finally, I give you my Comments: for each of the selections. This is important stuff -- it's where I teach the lesson contained in each question, and distinguish for you the differences between the actions of the dominant and submissive (shy) males. Read these comments carefully and understand that your scores will be improving as you become more familiar with the material in this book and take many of the changes I discuss to heart. It's easy, and the self-improvement is fun. For now though, go see where you're presently at...

1 ) You're driving your car in fairly heavy traffic with your date, late for a movie, when someone cuts in front of you and steals your break into the mall parking lot. You have to hit your brakes fairly hard and as a result get stuck waiting for the next change of the red light. How would you react?

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