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Here's a neat little trick that I discovered in my travels along the perverted yellow brick road. Once you finally break the 'sex barrier' with a woman, all sorts of opportunities to form a powerful psycho-sexual bond between the two of you begin to present themselves. Getting a woman addicted to you is a seriously complex issue that could probably fill out an entire book on its own since it has to do with the creation of feelings of trust and shared experience and all that other good stuff. But I think that the foundational groundwork can always be laid by showing her a good time in the sack, and specifically, becoming the guy in her life who can give her the monster orgasm. I'm not talking about your garden variety orgasm here, but one that is so deep and powerful she had no idea it was even possible to achieve such high levels of pleasure. And you're the man who brings her this great gift! This will make every other aspect of relationship building follow whatever path you may wish to design. Needless to say, your stock will rise quickly on her little 'market'.

My secret isn't some sort of special 'Venus Butterfly' twisty tongue trick or any kind of physical technique at all -- although you will have to provide some physical stimulation while doing it to make it work. It's highly unlikely that any other guy has figured this one out. That means that it's very unique and will be associated only with you in her mind! Very important when it comes to training her to feel a deepening love and respect -- not just for men in general -- but for you specifically. This tilts the relationship balance of power in your favor. Also of prime importance.

Okay, so what is it? Well, this simple little pleasure-boosting maneuver makes use of one of the eye reading tricks that I showed you back in Chapter 5, Essential Flirting... but it uses it in reverse. Remember how we talked about provoking a woman to think about something profound for the express purpose of watching how her eyes moved in order to get a clue about her preferred thinking style - visual, audio or kinesthetic? Then we attempted to match that style in order to create a feeling of immediate rapport to grease the skids of seduction? Well it turns out that the physical-mental link between eye movement and thought patterns runs in both directions. Not only do certain thoughts produce a particular kind of associated eye movement, but deliberately making the directional eye movement can stimulate the part of the brain that generates that specific kind of thought!

Ah ha!... and doesn't that rarest of thought patterns - the kinesthetic sense -- have everything to do with feelings? And not just emotional feelings, but physical ones too?

Oh yes! You might be surprised, but it turns out that physical sensation can be enhanced merely by keeping your eyes turned in a particular direction while being sexually stimulated. I know this for a fact because I've personally sent a few girls into orbit with this technique (and been sent there myself). Here's how it works...

Recall how kinesthetic individuals turn their eyes down and to their right while imagining something in their minds? They think in feelings, and, who knows (I'm not kinesthetic)... maybe they actually feel pleasure or pain when those thoughts are powerful enough? All I know is that the process works in reverse and we can make use of this knowledge for our evil purposes! The trick is to utilize some kind of device or prop to get her eyes turned and held down and to her right while you are providing some manner of coital stimulation, either orally or with your cock. If you continue you to coach her along in this way, she will have a blistering orgasm that will leave her utterly drained.

And you will have become her new Superhero!

You have to put a little thought into this and get things arranged similar to the way a magician sets up a stage trick. What kind of prop makes this thing work? I like to use a candle. Let's say you're planning on having sex in your bed that night, and feel that the time is right to lay one of these mondo kinesthetic orgasms on her. Suppose you want to do it orally. Set up some pillows so that you can lay her stretched out with her head and feet pointed in a certain direction. Then, on the right side of her body (as she would be seeing it) and near the foot of the bed, set up a small table or footstool with a fancy candle on it. Splurge a few bucks and get one of those fancy, sculpted candles from an Arts & Crafts store or a specialty gift shop at the mall. Look for a scented one that doesn't smell too strong or perfumey. I would highly recommend sandalwood if you can find it... it gives off a very sexy, 'woodsy' scent which seems natural for a man to have in his home. In fact, I would suggest you make a serious effort to find this particular fragrance since it's just perfect for the erotic situation you're designing. When the two of you move to the bedroom that night and decide to get busy, light the sandalwood candle. Tell her you're setting a special mood. She'll love it.

In the future, she'll come to associate the scent of sandalwood deep within her subconscious mind with an array of warm, loving emotions that are directly linked to you! This is a very powerful behavioral modification technique that can be used to effect a loving bond between two people. Simply light the candle about every third time you make love... just enough to reinforce the cozy emotions without going overboard and making yourself seem weird or strange. If that happens, the spell is broken and you're be careful!

Please do not abuse the power of subliminal manipulation... you should only use this technique on a woman with whom you have serious romantic feelings, because once she's become 'imprinted' on you you're going to have a hell of a time breaking up with her if you decide you must do so. Play nice, evil genius!

Anyway, back to the XXX stuff... Make sure you've arranged things so that she will be able to stare at the candle comfortably by glancing downwards towards her feet, without having to bend or strain her neck in any way. You don't want her to lose her sensate focus on the candle in order to keep the trance going for as long as possible. You've got all the angles and positioning figured out in advance, right?

Later on, when you're deep into stimulating her either orally or with intercourse (in the missionary position) and she's drifting off into sexual ecstasy, tell her to watch the candle... to stare at it and not look anywhere else. Tell her that the candle will hypnotize her and make her cum harder than ever before, but she must listen to you and do as you say. Coach her along and make it a game. She will have to turn her eyes downwards and to her right in order to look at the candle. This is the same eye position invoked by the kinesthetic thinker when they try to access remembered sensations or emotions.

Every time that you get her to look at the candle, it won't be more than a few moments before she moans loudly with a jolt of ecstasy and throws her head back. Keep coaching her to return her gaze to the candle. Don't get all scientific and try to explain any of how this works to her, it will ruin the spell. Just tell her it's your special magical sex trick. Or make up some of your own custom bullshit... this is where you get a chance to go a little crazy!

When she gets close to cumming, this is where you really have to be firm in your commands for her to watch the candle. Make sure that she doesn't swing her head around towards it but cuts her eyes down and to the right to maximize the effect in her brain's pleasure center. It's as though you've got your thumb dug into the sweet spot of that place inside her nervous system where her orgasm is generated, and you just keep pressing down on it without mercy! She won't be able to keep from squeezing her eyes shut and screaming like a banshee when she finally cums, but you can make it increasingly more intense each time you do this if you can get her to keep looking at the candle as she gets closer and closer to her orgasm... no matter how overwhelming the sensations become for her.

Of course there will come a point where she will blow her rocks uncontrollably. I hope you're prepared to have a thrashing, screaming wild animal clutching at you when it happens! An orgasm this intense signals a complete surrender of all her inhibitions in your presence, and she will psychologically bond to you like a lost kitten.

Women can sometimes come across as aloof when it comes to the sexual attention of men, but you must understand that their problem isn't finding sex (for most women, that's easy) but finding quality sex with a man that they can feel totally free to open up with emotionally. When you begin drawing this kind of immensely pleasurable response from a woman, almost against her will, you will have demonstrated beyond a doubt that she has stumbled upon sexual nirvana in your skillful arms.

At this point, the seduction has reached a pinnacle of consummation and her complete submission is all but assured. Beyond that you now have a ravenous sex / romance addict on your hands.

And you, my friend, are her drug of choice!

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