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Iadmit it... I plagiarized that opening sub-title from the radio promo of some gambling outfit that advocates its "stone-cold-lock" football handicapping service with this cute little moto. Stop trying to get lucky... get informed. I liked it because it pretty much describes the approach that men have been taking with women since we were no longer allowed to club them over the head or buy them from their fathers for two pigs and a bale of grain. Getting lucky. The whole notion of "getting lucky" sums up what little control most men have over the course of events when it comes to the game of seduction. Try some desperate gambit, roll the dice, and see if it works. And if you do actually "get lucky", it's altogether unclear just what the hell you did that was so wonderful... therefore you can't repeat it! Next time you try the exact same approach, you get rejected flat out.

Oh, I get it... I guess this time you were "unlucky".

Well, forget all that bullshit. Without Embarrassment is going to give you the techniques, knowledge and confidence that you need to overcome your life-damaging fear of rejection. You will learn some of the classiest methods imaginable to influence and seduce the kind of great looking girls that you've always fantasized about having. It will do this by teaching you precisely how to act - in both look, attitude and moves - like a High Status, Dominant Male.

Dominant male? Absolutely. You will soon come to appreciate how this type of behavior is what women truly want to see in a man who has romantic desires on them.

Trained by biology and social convention to ruthlessly reject men who are perceived as occupying a low rung on the Male Dominance Scale, women control a contest where they set all the rules and understand with fine precision exactly how the game of seduction should be played. Any man who can hold his own in this highly charged arena of combat will have captured her interest regardless of what he may lack in classically handsome physical attributes. Seduction is a game requiring masterful wits and an effortless sense of timing. You must learn to wield powerful psychological weapons with the delicacy of skating across the fragile surface of a soap bubble. One misstep, one clumsy comment, one impatient forced play and - pop - the chance for a successful seduction vanishes and is lost forever (at least with that particular woman).

Getting 90% of the way there is a total fuck up. You need to have a better edge than that. Now you have one.

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