For First Contact

Tt's important that you establish man-woman overtones right away when you first meet an attractive girl. Make sure she knows this will not be an exercise in polite pleasantries. At first she may get nervous, defensive or even cold, but once she senses that the man who is interested in her is a dominant one, she will pop off into a twilight zone of deeply programmed instinct. More on this so-called "Trance of Romance" later, but for now realize that if you create this state it is delicate and easily ruined. One of the worse things that you can do during the opening phases of a seduction is to try making a joke about what is happening to relieve the building tension... "hey, relax baby I'm just trying to pick you up here, ha-ha... you love it when a guy does this don't you?... ha ha... It's okay, I'm available and ready for your love, ha, ha..." Ha ha my ass -- you broke the tension alright, all the man-woman dynamic tension that is the essence of moving her into the seductive trance. The tension in your blue-balls will now continue to build until you 'hand' them over to good 'ol Rosie for further processing.

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