First Nonverbal Contact

4) Get Caught Looking... You should always try to make non-verbal contact first by maneuvering yourself into her field of view somehow. When she catches you peeking at her, (a cool, casual checking-out...) hold on for a few seconds and resist the urge to look away. Train for this moment like a prizefighter with dogs, cats, old ladies etc. wherever you get the chance to, so you can begin to defeat the shy 'look away' reflex that we all have without having to think about it when you need it most.

5) Get a Non-verbal Return "GO" Signal... Women control the meeting & mating enterprise because they are the ones who do all of the actual selecting. What?... you thought guys carried the burden of making the first move? Guess again. Men simply offer themselves up for inspection, but it's the female of the species who always makes the choice. That's what makes this whole event so goddamn terrifying -- it's a test of your value as a man. Your attempt to make contact is really an offer to have yourself so considered. Socially, the unspoken relationship between men and women is very important to understand. Why? Because in the absence of a clear "Come Hither" signal men are almost universally rejected by women. The exception being if the man happens to have extremely good looks, or some other overwhelmingly attractive characteristic (i.e., $$money$$, $$money$$, and, oh yeah, some $$more money$$) that will cause a woman to overlook her normal rule of rejecting the unsolicited advances of a male.

If you don't have these qualities, your ego is nothing more than a hanging softball waiting to be knocked out of the park! What to do? Get a smile or a long eye contact that signal's she's interested and willing to listen to your 'sales pitch' before moving on her verbally. Protect yourself from a nasty bout of toxic shame and back off with your dignity still intact if you can't get the proper signal. Unless, of course, you feel like taking a risk that day (never a bad deal; the ultimate in high status male behavior). Then don't let me stop you... go for it!

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