Deep Complimenting 101

(used to set yourself apart from the average shmuck)

1) Discover a key passion of hers by listening carefully, or...

2) Pick out something about her that she's trying to show off.

3) Make an off-hand sincere compliment about this characteristic.

4) Never mention it again (trust me, she heard it!).

5) Make no further compliments during this encounter.

16) Be a Space Invader... Invade her personal space briefly to see if she's feeling any kind of connection with you. If she holds her ground or even leans in, this is a terrific sign! By getting a little physically closer to her, you're creating a bit of nascent intimacy and demonstrating your ability to focus and give her your undivided attention. Women love this. You're also allowing her to get a little whiff of you... and you know that the correct scent has a powerful subliminal effect on her, either good or bad. You may as well find out right away where you stand with her biochemically before you waste any more time chasing her, right?

17) Touch her... Light touching on the arms, shoulders or upper back forces her to think sexually about you and gives her permission to touch you back if she wishes to 'up the ante', so to speak. If she responds favorably, then she is at least somewhat interested and possibly attracted to you. Failure to initiate at least a little bit of casual touching will get you categorized as a non-sexual 'nice guy' -- and we all know how much we hate him!

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