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Once you've gotten past the First Kiss, the ball is solidly in her court -- and whether or not the two of you will be having sex shortly is strictly her call now. She understands that she will either be offering you the opportunity very soon, or she will be calling the whole thing off.

No matter what happens, one thing that you have saved yourself from is a trip to 'just friends' hell. There is no longer a basis for any buddy-buddy stuff with her now. She knows that it is time to shit or get off the pot -- and stringing you along as her fucking 'pseudo-girlfriend' is no longer an option. She respects you as a Man now, and a fairly dominant one at that, and knows she can't play that bullshit game with you. Believe it or not, this a great victory in and of itself. One that many, many men can't lay claim to. They either end up compromising their true desires, or making a complete fucking fool of themselves, but they just can't seem to extract themselves from a relinquished try for a relationship with any sort of class or dignity. Now you can.

And don't think this doesn't matter because it matters a lot for your next attempt. There is a quiet confidence that will grow within you with each one of these misfires that will express itself subliminally in your attitude the next time you go to work on a seduction project. The next girl you set your sights on will pick it up because that's what her sensitive antennae are trained to do. Always remember that how you look physically to a woman only translates into about 30% - 40% of the calculus that she uses when it comes to deciding on your attractiveness. The rest of your "appearance" is made up of your Dominant Male Attitude, or more precisely, how much of it (if any) there actually is to see! This is how you become a 'fox' to her.

Anyway, the important thing now is to keep the fires flamed so they don't go out. This is actually a good analogy -- since if you fan the flames too hard you'll blow the damn fire out! Yet if you fan too weakly, the same result will occur... the fire will wither and die. Once again the old trick of staying balanced sticks its head up out of the ground and takes a look around. You've got to walk the fine line between retreating back to a casual interest and pushing for sex like some mad horndog. Very interested, but not desperate. Think you can do it? Sure you can.

Dominant males are not desperate for women, but they know what they want and will go after it without hesitation.

See how the momentum of the seduction sweeps her up? One by one she opens up the gates that lead to her heart - "...he seems normal and fairly safe, not an addict or a drunk, fairly attractive, funny, cares about his appearance... I guess he could be my type, nice guy but not a pushover, good job, makes money and isn't lazy, my parents and friends would probably like him, good listener, seems interested in me as a person, is definitely turned on by me!... we have the same values, I think I can trust him..." That last one -- trust -- is the big Kahuna. When she thinks that she can trust you, that's when you'll get laid. Women make a vastly greater emotional investment in sexual encounters and relationships than do men, and she needs to feel that if she takes the big scary "sex plunge" with you, you're not setting her up for a broken heart.

The ideal man for her is just the collection of all those imagined characteristics that have been rattling around in the back of her mind all her life. She pulls them up and examines them anew whenever a prospective new lover starts sniffing around, and the more of these qualities that you can match for her, the more likely it is that your seduction will be a successful one. If you can respect her need to go at her own pace without seeming impatient or throwing a pout, it won't be long before the two of you are into some molten sex.

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