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6) Snap your Rubber Band... Fire that anchor. This instantly provokes the Pavlovian trigger that you've been creating for yourself -- switching on those magnificent emotional sensations that you have pre-programmed into your subconscious mind. It will elevate you into the proper attitude necessary to help alleviate your shame, so you can start making the connections you desire. What?... you think it's all bullshit? JUST HAVE A GODDAMN OPEN MIND FOR ONCE IN YOUR SORRY-ASS LIFE AND TRY IT!

7) Use the Post Fuck Visual to boost your confidence and knock her down off her pedestal. This keeps you from being in awe of her so that you can function with the attitude of the dominant male instead of some sniveling little boy. Here's how it's done: visualize her all sweaty and exhausted just after you've given her about 5 smashing orgasms, and then finished her off by shooting your load all over her face. Imagine the look of total devotion and supplication in her eyes as she gazes at you lovingly through your buttermilk bath. You know that you could do this to her if you can only make the proper psychological connection first. Let her read the confidence in your eyes as she sees you contemplating this very mysterious inner fantasy!

WARNING: Don't leer at her like some kind of pervert! (And wear baggy pants to conceal your woody!) Practice this mental-fantasy maneuver with a porno mag photo while watching yourself in a mirror so that you can control your expression to the point of showing offjust a hint of lust. Remember, women often don't understand how hot they really are. Your sexual interest in her is flattering as long as it's done very obliquely. This is a very fine line we're talking about here... cross it too far and you're dead. Be Careful... this is a dangerous point for all you self-sabotaging bastards who would like to deliberately crash and burn the seduction and run home to mommy. Men have to be tough... hang in there!

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