A ) One of the hallmarks of the low status male (LSM) is his rage. Having been relegated to the low end of the scale by most of the other men he's encountered in his lifetime, the LSM harbors within him a deep, latent, seething rage that's very difficult for him to control. He tends to be short tempered and nasty. Road rage is pretty common, even among women, but his is especially virulent because it acts as a momentary pressure relief valve for all his hidden, subducted rage and therefore can produce a reaction all out of proportion to the triggering stimulus.

B ) This 'quiet stewing' -type of response can be a genuine display of calmness or it could be just an expression of willful self control. Which is it for you? If B was your answer to Question 1, then ask yourself if you would have genuinely not been all that enraged by the situation, or are you just good at "holding it in" (until the next serial murder maybe?) If it really wouldn't have angered you too much, then increase your score to an 8. If you probably would have been struggling with your urge to vent, then keep it a 5 (...hey, don't get mad at me...). The tense silence would also be a downer to the playful and upbeat mood that you should be trying to create on the date. She's not just staring dumbly out the window while all this happens... she's gaging your reaction to see just how potentially violent (and thus how low status) you are.

C ) This best response demonstrates the calm demeanor of the high status male (HSM), and his ability to stay light on his feet in a conversational sense. It's okay to pass judgement on what a fool the guy was, but he also used the opportunity to make a joke about it and laugh it off, and thus transformed a potential negative event into a positive one. You can be sure that the woman took notice and excitedly moved him up a notch in her mind. The HSM does not carry around a great deal of latent rage with him, so his reactions to minor transgressions of this sort do not release a flood of strong emotions. It takes more to provoke him.

D ) Only a truly clueless Romeo like you would choose this answer, and for that you get the goose egg (zero points).

2 ) At a family gathering... your sister Kathy, yourself and your cousin Mark are all sitting on the couch having a few beers. Your sister, who understands football from a girls' perspective (so-so), excitedly begins to describe a touchdown play to Mark, a big time Steelers fan, that the two of you saw at last night's home game. Do you...

A ) Look at Mark while she's describing the play and roll your eyes? ( 5 ) B ) Let her tell the story her way, and then fill in any technical details that Mark might find interesting afterwards? ( 10 )

C ) Cut her off and tell the story your way, using football jargon that a couple of NFL-savvy guys like you and Mark both totally understand? ( 2 ) D) Try to slip your hand under her ass while she's distracted and cop a "hillbilly feel"? ( 0 )

Comments :

A ) LSM's have a tendency to act like "know-it-alls" in order to make themselves appear superior to other people, and thus possess a basis for putting them down... even women (hell, even your own sister!). It's just another manifestation of their inferiority feelings. That you were doing it indirectly behind her back makes you marginally better that the guy who chooses ( C ), and that's the only reason you get a 5.

B ) HSM's are secure in their knowledge and thus can step aside and allow others to have their moment. They are generous and will be sensitive to the feelings of other people, especially loved ones. The HSM knows how to make the description of the touchdown complete without having to put down his sister's more limited knowledge of the game in the process. Dozens of accumulated little slights like these are where the resentments between people take root and fester. The story gets transferred to Mark accurately, and (more importantly) no one's ego had to get bruised along the way.

C ) Unlike this rude prick, who's need to try and crawl his way up the Status Ladder at every opportunity far exceeds any desire he might still have left to keep things civil between himself and his sister (or anyone else for that matter). Score a 2, know-it-all.

3 ) It's the first day in your new math class. Time to pick a seat. Where do you sit?

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