A ) Not bad, maybe some resentment. Not really the perfect reaction though.

B ) The LSM is quick to criticize and point out other people's shortcomings. It's all part of his never-ending quest to keep fighting his way up the status ladder by openly demonstrating his 'superiority' to other people (men especially, but not exclusively) .

Why? Because he knows that he's nowhere near the top and has a long way to go.

C ) With nothing to prove because he's secure in his position in life, the HSM passes out the compliments with ease. Can you say charisma, boys and girls?

D ) Are you a complete asshole or what? This is supposed to be the zero points joke answer, but I gotta wonder about some of you guys out there...

5 ) You're out driving around with your buddies and you see a shabby old man with a brown paper bag, obviously drunk, weaving around on the sidewalk minding his own business. Do you...

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