A ) One of the characteristics of the HSM is a recognition that other people gain pleasure from giving gifts now and then, and that to deny them this pleasure does not endear them to you but in fact makes them resentful. You have to be secure in your own self worth in order to accept a gift graciously without feeling that you're always being manipulated. If the simple act of receiving a gift still makes you uncomfortable in any way, then you're not in the optimum place that you want to be yet.

B ) This kind of paranoid suspicion is the domain of the LSM, because he's a control freak. Due to the fact that the LSM has so little real authority in life, he's constantly seeking to control and manipulate others whenever he can as a form of psychological compensation. Therefore, he's always suspicious that others are trying to do the same thing to him, and is wary of their motives. This notion that there's some kind of Grand Cosmic Ledger out there where score is being kept as to "who owes whom" for every little favor or slight, is an especially certain tip-off that an LSM is in the house. No one gives you anything without expecting something back... he reasons, and is therefore fanatical about making sure that other people are always indebted to him for favors and not vice versa. He sees any attempt at their generosity as an evil ploy designed to tip the balance sheet in the opposite direction against him, and so is generally resentful and rejecting of these offers -- which he views as threats to his obsessive controlling efforts. As long as you owe me, then I am superior to you. See how it works?

C ) The HSM is secure with his position in life and does not feel threatened by the generosity of others. He accepts gifts as graciously as he gives them and makes no attempt to keep any kind of 'score'.

D ) Again, I hope this is a joke. If not, then the negative emotional energy you radiate must truly be awesome.

17 ) If someone were to present an idea or dream of their's to you, would you tend to encourage or discourage it?

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