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A ) This kind of shyness is common, indeed almost reflexive, but is something that the successful HSM has learned to overcome. This draws a low score, unfortunately.

B ) Because the HSM has such an amazing track record of success when it comes to seducing women, he has learned to seize such moments as the perfect opportunity he needs to get the ball rolling on yet another seduction. Only a man with powerful social skills acts like this, and women notice it immediately and are very impressed by it.

C ) This might work if you can pull it off in a humorous way, it's certainly better than looking away and doing nothing, but you lose points because acting goofy like this creates a built-in excuse for explaining away a rejection to yourself later on. You're not taking a full risk like the HSM would be inclined to do.

D ) Don't forget to brush the hair away from your forehead so she can see the swastika too.

19 ) Tomorrow is the birthday of one of the cute girls you work with at the office. You'd like to get more involved with her on a personal basis outside of work, but you're not sure if this is a good opportunity to make a move or not. What do you plan to do?

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