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One of the best ways to elicit a positive response from any woman is to have a presentation about yourself that appears charismatic. Your prospects for acceptance go way up (and, conversely, your chances of rejection go way down) if you can aspire to come across with charisma and a stylish flair. What is charisma? Webster's defines it as "a. the power or quality of winning the devotion of large numbers of people b. Great personal magnetism: charm." Now, for our purposes we won't consider the religious co-definitions or that fact that you're probably not interested in taking over a country and ruling it with an iron fist a la Adolph Hitler (then again, maybe you are?). In any case, we only care about how to use the concept of charisma on a personal basis, one-to-one with some hot little fox that we're trying to impress. Incidentally, charm or finesse or even style might be a good way to think of it too, but these terms are equally vague. What I mean by charisma is this... it's the ability to make someone feel BETTER about themselves as a direct result of having encountered you!

If you walk around all day like some miserable bastard with a scowl plastered to your ugly mug, or if you always endeavor to put someone down in a clever way with a subtle sarcasm whenever you see them, then you're a skilled practitioner of anticharisma. A person feels psychologically diminished as a direct result of having encountered you, having sensed your value judgement of them in some way as being worthless.

Humans are simple creatures on a surprisingly fundamental level: we seek pleasure, and (more forcefully) avoid pain.

If an encounter with you is distasteful in that it causes some degree of put down or rejection, what happens when that person has an opportunity to encounter you next time? They cross the street. They avoid you. You suck. But hey, can't they take a joke? What's the matter with them, are they super sensitive or something? Shit, if they think

I'm bad they ought to try being me for a day, and see how much garbage I have to eat from other people...

Nobody cares. They don't. Your rotten life is a direct result of your own actions and attitudes. Other people only reflect back to you what they see. Don't tell me all about your sick childhood and all the other misfortune that may've caused your sorry outlook because I'm telling you right now that you can stick the whole load of it straight up your ass. I don't care. If that sort of thing is the source of you problems then it's just a lot of crap that you'll have to overcome on you way to becoming a master seducer.

Your mission from this moment on is to trash bag your internal pain and begin acting in a way that leaves people with a good feeling about themselves after they've been in your presence. In theory, it's that simple. In practice, it'll take some real determination. You'll have to keep in mind that a seducer is a manipulator, but a benevolent one. The idea is to leave any woman that you encounter feeling better about herself after having met you than before your paths crossed. Flattery is the primary tool that you'll employ, but in a very specific way that I'll show you later.

Once you practice this and start to become good at it, your personal courage in such situations will begin to go up steadily. That's because once you know you have the power to elicit a positive response from someone your fear of being rejected by them diminishes to nothing. Remember that the rejection you fear so much is partly a reflection of your own miserable character and attitude. Change this and your "rejectability" changes with it. And anything that we can do to reduce your fear of rejection is a major step forward, right?

It's easy to have courage when you have little or no fear. Moreover, your brand of courage will be classy because it's based on your own personal style of charisma that makes people feel good about themselves. I once read in a magazine somewhere that if you can be flattering, funny and fearless most any woman can be yours, (and this article was written by a woman). Two out of these three are possible simply by making a commitment to being charismatic in your approach towards women, and by taking a relaxed, lighthearted approach to things the third one is easily in reach as well. It's as easy as having the right tone of voice, remembering to stay on message, and keeping in mind the goal of having her associate good feelings with being around you. You're the honey, and she's the bee. You're too cool to try, you attract.

Never forget how magnificently you score points by demonstrating courage to women... this more than anything else instantly ranks you way up high on the Male Dominance Scale, and it does so as a first impression. That's why all those dummies who couldn't hold a candle to your brilliance get the girls while you get to go home and pound your meat... because the one thing they do have is the courage to open their mouths and say something. What they actually say can often be lame or even juvenile, but once again it's the non-verbal communication of their status by way of their attitude that's given more weight than the actual words they say anyway. It gets the little wheels of lust turning in the woman's subconscious mind. That keeps the jerk in the dating and mating category and makes sure that he stays out of the despised "just-friends zone". So, while you're agonizing over just the perfect thing to say, jerk-o's already said it with his willingness to take a social risk and is now waltzing away with your woman.

Don't worry, you'll be in this fight soon enough giving jerk-o a run for his money.

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