Witching the coin

The Bent Coin

In this routine, you need to switch the borrowed coin twice. One of them, which is bent, is in your left jacket pocket. The other is in your right jacket pocket along with a magnifying glass.

After you take the coin from the spectator with your left hand, take the magnifying glass and your coin out of your pocket with your right hand. Immediately pretend to take the spectator's coin from your left hand with your right hand, to hand it and the magnifying glass to the spectator so he can look at the date and remember it. Retain the spectator's actual coin in your left hand. Allow the left hand and its concealed coin to fall casually to your side.

Ask the spectator to look at the coin and call out the date. At that point, you can place the spectator's coin into your left jacket pocket and take the bent coin out of it. After the spectator has told you the date, take the magnifier back and place it into your trousers pocket. Then take the coin from him in the right hand, hold it up for a moment to show it to the audience, and apparently place it into your left hand using the A1 Baker coin switch.

Now, the left hand shows the bent coin to the audience,22 and the right hand goes into the right trousers pocket, leaves the other coin behind, and brings out three crayons or grease pencils.23 Now the routine continues as indicated in the presentation.

22 The coin is only slightly bent. The audience is not supposed to be aware of the bend in the coin at this point in the routine. BP

23 Permanent felt tip markers, such as 'Sharpie' markers would work well here, too. BP

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