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Every magic book will tell you that the material is "sure-fire audience-tested material." After you buy the book and work on the material, you find that the material had failed all of the audience tests and was sure to get you fired. This is not the case here. Punx has polished this material and made it dependable. There is room for flexibility in the presentations, yet you will know how much to change or modify to fit your own style. Although some of the material is more than 10 years old, it is geared to modem interpretations of psychic phenomena. The clever performer will find inspiration for even newer ideas.

This is a book of modern mental effects. Many of them have never appeared in print in English before, and those which have appeared in English have been greatly improved.

Those who have Punx's first book in English, will notice that the style of this book is as different from that of the first book as is the format. In this book, Punx is not a storyteller. Instead, he is a mental phenomenon. Don't let that hinder your approach to this material. The information in here will give you a whole new outlook on how mentalism should be performed for reasonably intelligent audiences.

You will find material that will remind you of Harry Anderson and Penn and Teller here. Rest assured that this material was in print long before these performers were doing those routines. I know, because I worked with these fellows at the Texas Renaissance Festival when this material first appeared in print (in German), and they knew nothing about it then. (As far as I know, none of them reads German, so they did not get their ideas from Punx, either!)

You will also find material that you might not feci comfortable with. European audiences are different from those in America. If you feel that you cannot perform a particular routine as it stands, change it to fit your style and personality. You should always do that anyway. You cannot perform material that does not fit you, and you cannot perform material that makes you uncomfortable - that is just the way tilings are. So use your own judgment when you select the material you perform.

Much of the material was inspired in part by Charles Berlitz* book, The Bermuda Triangle. This was hot material when Punx wrote it. Nobody else was doing anything like it. It was a HIT! There is a lesion from this. Work within the context of modern paranormal interests. As I write this introduction, the psychic fringe is interested in crystals and channelling. This field is ripe for the harvest.

One small problem arose because of Punx' interest in the Bermuda triangle, and that was a transla-tional detail. When the Berlitz book appeared in German, the word Uberraum, which is hyperspace in English, was used instead of time-space warp. So I offer this suggestion to you. Hyperspace is a mathematical term for what we used to call the fourth dimension. You can use the following terms almost interchangeably: hyperspace, fourth dimension, time warp, time-space warp, and space-time warp. If you are curious about the differences in the ways they are used, read the presentation for "Money From ihe Fourth Dimension." This may help. I must thank Ms. Petra Fuchs of the Goethe Institute in Houston, Richard Hatch, and David Fogg for their help in obtaining obscure information which helped with this translation.

This is prime, grade A, choice material. Learn it thoroughly before you present it, and keep it to yourself. To quote Harry Willard (Willard the Wizard), "This is not for the peasants."

Before I take my leave, I would like to tell you about Punx. When I translated Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales into English, I had never actually met Punx. I had spoken to him on the telephone and we had exchanged tapes and letters, but we had never met face to face. Things have changed since then.

Punx and his lovely wife Dagmar recently came to visit me in our home in Bellaire, and I had the opportunity to get to know him. He is a wise man with a sense of humor and a vast knowledge of art - all types of art. He is also a person who is willing to share. Most of all, he is a man who has a great knowledge of all aspects of magic and how it should be performed.

He has written many books and magazine articles about magic, but his range of interests does not stop there. He has even written a book about parrots! His knowledge of psychic phenomena and UFO's is beyond compare. He speaks German, English, and French fluently, and he loves to travel.

The most important thing about Punx is his mind

- he is always thinking of new ideas, not only in magic but also in any one of several fields in which he is int crested. And he is always willing to learn something new.

— the incomprehensible.

Bellaire, Texas August 25, 1989

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

This book is not about some crazed conspiracy thinkers manifesto. Its real information for real people who care about the sanctity of their own thoughts--the foundation of individual freedom.

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