The Unfathomable

Hie circle would be a millstone.

Then you turn the card face down, taking the "impression" with your thumb.4 Next, you take the other card, make your "stamp" on the same spot, and put it into an envelope or wallet. You can even wrap it in a paper napkin.

4 About ten days after my Super Punx Test Kit arrived, there was another package. This had a cassette and a 'glmmlcked' plastic envelope of a moist hand cleaner (see photo above). Black tape had been wrapped around the package after a safety pin had been taped to the top. On the side opposite the pin was a silt across the plastic envelope. The moist hand cleaner paper could be pulled up and exposed. The thumb could be moistened with this. I pin the package under the lapel (left) of my coat, Just holding the lapel moistens my thumb. AR

Then you ask some other person to help you. In a restaurant, it would be the waiter. You tell him, in the same manner as in the original "Punx Test," to go outside and look at the name on the card. Tell him that he will see a weak image of a symbol (in this case). You now give him a regular pencil (which looks like your grease pencil), which you have switched in the meantime, and tell him to fill in the weak image of the symbol with the pencil.

When he comes back, your spectator will have proof that the millstone, or whatever it was, was not mere fantasy. Instead, it has a mysterious reality, because your "medium" has drawn the millstone on the same spot that you did.

This trick seems to be more convincing than the original Punx Test: Your spectator sees his blank card until the last moment. The "medium" cannot make a mistake, because he sees the sign without any doubt. If you perform this correctly, the audience has no chance to see you cheating.

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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