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The Punx Test

The back cover of the original German edition has a quote from Corinda's 13 Steps to Mentalism:

"In every hundred or so new tricks that come along each year, one finds that ten of them are really good. Out of that ten, we are fortunate if we find one that is distinct and really exceptional. This is one in a hundred - I would go further and say, one in a thousand. A veritable miracle of mental magic and a secret that up to now—four people in the world know.

"Six months ago Punx the German Mentalist walked into my studio and performed this trick. When I had seen it, I had Just two words to say - 'How much"? But it was too good to be bought or sold and alter six months' persuasion Punx gave In - and for the first time in print - here is the Punx Test or "Great Minds Think Alike."

We cannot make that claim, of course, because this test appeared in Corinda's book, however, we will present it in painstaking detail, so there will be no mistakes or misunderstandings about the requirements or the procedure. This also contains Punx's latest improvements and added polish.

The Punx Prediction

This is of the same caliber. The performer writes a prediction of what a spectator will write. There is no force! Both pieces of paper contain the same information and are passed out to the audience - a perfect MIRACLE.

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