The Punx Prediction

Before you get into the details, please read the presentation WITHOUT READING THE EXPLANATIONS, so you can get a firm impression of the how the routine goes. Read the explanations which follow only when you can duplicate the whole procedure mentally. Otherwise you will not have a satisfactory understanding of the explanations.

In addition to that, you will have a better feeling of the total fascination tins routine holds if you first read only the presentation, without thinking of "tricks." You must fall in love with the routine to be more inspired when you learn it.

I will repeat the advice from the previous booklets in this series - learn it first in your head and then with your hands. You will cut your effort in half! — You may find this to be too fantastic to believe, but you can learn - for example - good handwriting in your mind! Try it:

Take the capital letter that you write the most poorly. Everybody has one. Write it a few times with good handwriting, then write it in your usual script. Now practice this one single letter when you have absolutely nothing to do, for a few minutes every day in your mind. Imagine that you are writing it BEAUTIFULLY.

After a few days, take the piece of paper that you used for your test writing and once more write the same thing you wrote a few days earlier. You will be amazed at how much your "weak letter" has improved, even though you can now write it more quickly.

I have given you this example to make the principle clear to you. - If you use this principle you need never be bored again. You always have all of your tricks with you - in your head.

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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