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Once again I have transformed an "old" trick from Dai Vernon into a completely new type of effect. This is a mental routine with an entertainment value approximately equal to that of a conventional humorous magical presentation. Even children understand the effect, which uses the ever new, yet classic, Brainwave Deck for a climax. It has been good enough to be used for countless mysterious mental effects. I am absolutely sure that someday someone will publish a book in which all of the manifold uses of this versatile utility device will be described collectively. - In my routine, I use it as a climax for a little magical sketch.

Front of Movie Screen

You will need a Brainwave deck with red and blue backs. I will explain the setup later.

This deck, in its case, is suspended from the upper edge of a "movie screen" about the size of a piece of letter sized paper. It is held in place by a bulldog clip.

Back of Movie Screen

To construct the movie screen, take a piece of stiff black cardboard and cut one or two holes slightly smaller than a dime2 in it, preferably with a X-Acto knife. These are available at hobby, crafts, and art supply shops and are very useful!

Cut a piece of white paper to the shape of a movie

2 In the original, Punx says to make them about the size of a pfennig - the German equivalent of a penny. These are about 1 cm. in diameter. The main idea is to have a hole that you can poke a pencil through without fumbling. BP

screen and paste it over the piece of black cardboard. Paste a few round, white pieces of paper to the white surface to simulate the pieces of paper you would glue over a target to patch the bullet holes.3 In addition, hang a sharp pencil about 6 cm. long off the back of the target. TTiis pencil is used to "shoot" the hole in the screen.

If you would like to make it particularly attractive, although a bit more bulky, you can attach a small handle to it so you can hold the screen like a paddle.

When you go to a toy store, buy a few inexpensive sheriffs badges and a toy revolver, and you will be all set.4

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