The Props

The principal item is the "Oracle billet,"10 which I deigned. It is fastened to a hard rectangular plate with a bulldog clip. For writing upon it, you ABSOLUTELY MUST USE a fine felt tip marker.11

THE CRYSTAL BALL12 is essentially a decoration and may be omitted. However, it does make reading the "center" much easier, because you can do it nonchalantly in front of everybody, and the ball greatly magnifies the writing that is underneath the ball.

10 See pages 169 and 178 for an Illustration of this slip.

11 Make sure the marker Is not the type that will penetrate all the way through the paper. BP

12 Although It is not mentioned in the original prop list, the crystal ball should have some kind of stand for you to place It upon while you are "consulting the oracle." There is a stand in the photo. It Is mentioned later on In the text. BP

THE BOWL, of brass or porcelain, should have a layer of sand in the bottom. First, this will prevent the inside of the bowl from blackening, and second - and more important - the "lighter fluid" will soak into it, so the flame can also come from under the pieces of paper. In this way, the paper will be completely burned. If this does not happen, a smart alack might look for the center in the ashes after the reading is over and notice that it is missing.

THE CARDS. As described in the presentation, nine cards are separated from the deck and arranged in the order previously described. The cards are replaced on top of the deck after the spectator has shuffled it. DO NOT replace the cards immediately. Allow them to lie on the table for a while instead, then later as you "push them aside," without looking at them, replace the cards. If you can false shuffle well, you can leave the cards on top of the deck and shuffle them yourself.

LIGHTER FLUID. You need a very small bottle, which are available at drug stores or medical supply houses. 13 Because benzine smells bad and will be recognized as such when it burns, make your "astral fluid" from a mixture of (for example) ethyl alcohol, carbon disulfide, and cologne. Add a drop of red or green ink to it.

ADHESIVE. Before the start of the routine, place a piece of double sided tape or strong magician's wax in the palm of your left hand.


13 Nowadays It Is more difficult to find small glass bottles at these places. Look arouna at antique shops and flea markets. Some import shops have appropriate bottles. Please be careful mixing these chemicals. Ordinary lighter fluid with a tiny bit of cologne or after shave lotion will do. Mix your chemicals at your own risk. Punx, Craige, and I cannot be held liable for any accidents you have with any of this. BP

# HEUCnfi M. #

5ee pa^e 178 for a blank Oracle Billet.

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