The Perfume Trick

The perfume trick has been left until the last part of the explanation because it is the one that the fewest will have or procure. But it is worthwhile. The effect is fantastic — a trick with something invisible.

I have two versions. The first is from Mayette in Paris. It contains 8 flower scents, which have been imbedded in wax. Their disadvantage is that the two holders are too bulky. They will fit only in the trousers pockets, one in each. At the appropriate moment, you must reach into the pocket, open the correct container, and rub your finger across the scented wax.

Experience has shown that few people can identify any flower scents other than lavender and carnation. so I had Herbert Paufler of Dresden construct a 4 way perfume dispenser for me. It contains:

Spruce, Lavender, Orange, and Peppermint scents.

Everybody knows these scents.

Paufler dispenser — 13 cm. x 5 cm. x 2 cm.

This dispenser hangs under the edge of the jacket, with the caps removed from the containers. Pressing sharply against the opening of the dispenser will release a drop of extract. The dispenser is refilled with pipettes - one pipette for each scent.

Only the person who chooses the scent knows that I have only 4 scents! I give her a pocket note pad which contains the following list.







I talk about "six scents," although only four come into question, because hardly anybody knows the smell of mimosa or mignonette! If it should happer that somebody chooses one of these scents, here is an "out."

"It is possible," the performer asserts, "that this lady does not have a concrete concept of this par ticular scent." Then he goes to another lady for a second try.

Recently, I have improved the trick so much that it has become a supplementary effect. I have the lady underline the scent that she prefers and take the piece of paper out of the note pad.

The impression wallet which is ideal for this (and many other purposes) comes from R.A.R. Magic, 82 Pennard Drive, Swansea, West Glamorgan, SA3 2DP, Great Britain. You can immediately erase the impression.

Then I take the pad back, while I ask the lady to fold the piece of paper. As an afterthought, I remove the note pad from my pocket again and take a small envelope out of it for the lady to place the piece of paper in. I take this opportunity to read the impres sion of which of the six scents the lady has underlined.

After the lady has put the paper into the envelope, I take it back and state that it smells of (for example) lavender. The lady agrees and the first round of applause is assured.

I return the envelope to the lady, so she can see for herself that the scent really exists, (Now, I have the time to get the scent extract!) She disagrees. I state that her scent memory is not well-trained enough, take the envelope back (preparing it at the same time), and have someone else smell it. This person will assert that it really does have the scent.

"Yes," I say, "Belief is important." (to the first lady) "Do you believe it now?" Then give the envelope back to her. When she confirms the scent, in astonishment, your second round of applause is certain.

If you now apply the scent to a handkerchief, then you will get a third round of applause.


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