The Interrupted Dream


This is the first booklet in the Punx series: Fourth Dimensional Mysteries.

Carlhorst Meier of Nuremberg has given this style of magical presentation a particularly striking name: "Psycho-Magic."2

It has scarcely anything in common with earlier forms of magic. Here we are working with experiences and adventures which take place in the minds of the spectators. These ideas have been implanted in their psyches for an especially long time.

In this routine something completely new happens. Among other things, a spectator cuts off part of a ribbon. She places the cut pieces into a box, makes a note of the length of the ribbon and the time when she cut it. Then she is absolutely convinced that she as dreamed the whole thing, because all traces of his actions have vanished!! Everything is as it was at the bi t ; uning. Only the time is different - Time has gone awry.

All of these are adventures which could only happen to someone in the fourth dimension - in hyper-space. What could be more dramatic?

All of the objects used in the presentation are perfectly innocent - things which we use eveiy day.

1 This is taken from the back cover of the original pamphlet. BP

2 This has a meaning that combines psychic and psychological. BP

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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