The Anniversary

"People who are in love, or people who have been married for a long time, and in spite of that are still in love, often have the experience of thinking of the same thing at the same time. — This has happened to all of us. We see someone standing before us that we have just thought about a few days before. That's precognition. These are the Psi powers,14 the powers of thought.

"I would like to demonstrate this for you with a couple that is happily married. You will be amazed at the number of undiscovered similarities that exist between them. I will bring them to light.

"I would like for this couple to sit on stage with me, the lady on my right and the gentleman on my left. Please loosen up and be relaxed. This will be a happy journey into a wonderful, unknown land.

The lady sits in a chair on your right, the man sits at your left The man will need to have a small stand or a bar stool at his left.15

"The first question in my marriage test: how long have you been married? - Fifteen years. Then in 10 years you will have your silver anniversary. Your husband will certainly give you a wonderful gift. I can see it before me now, because for magicians, everything is in the present.

14 Pronounced "sigh" or "psigh," to rhyme with "eye." The correct pronunciation in Europe is "psee," but nobody in the U.S. pronounces it that way. BP

15 This might work better if the stand were behind the man. Check the stage positions yourself at your own show. This stand is for disposition of the props. A tastefully decorated magic table (without rabbits and hats or dragons) would work in a pinch. BP

"Now tell me, by answering 'yes' or 'no', do you know what you would like to receive for your 25th anniversary? No. — Do you know what you are going to give your wife? Also no? Who plans so far ahead of time?

"Think about it during the next few minutes. In very happy marriages, they usually arrive at the same or similar answers. But please, don't reveal what you are thinking of!

"Sir, I am going to let you hold on to this $100.00 bill for a while.16 This sum is a symbolic down payment on your gift. Just symbolic! Because you would never be able to buy this gift for just $100.00.

"I will write the first five digits of the serial number of the bill upon this slate. Please read the number out loud. Now you can't leave without giving it back, because it is registered."

Take the banknote out of the Corinda Wallet Place the wallet back into your pocket — Pick up the slate.17 (The slate has the total, that is, the first five di0ts of the serial number, already written on one of its inner surfaces. The other inner surface contains the numbers which will actually be added by the spectator.)

16 The larger the bill, the better, the original calls for a 1000 DM bill. The argest bill in circulation in the U.S. at this writing is a $100.00 bill. BP 7 This is one of the Massey slates, available from Owen Magic Supreme. It equires no flap at all. This is explained in detail later. BP

About 1982 Lee Jacobs' Productions released a limited number of Mariano alhinha's Amazing Message Slate. According to Palhinha in the Instructions, e first made these about 1944. This slate is the same principle as the Massey late. According to A1 Mann (Master Slate Secrets, Part IV), Edward M. Massey iegan to advertise his Duplex Slate In July, 1945. Which came first is hard to ay. CMSJr

The Corinda Wallet at the moment when you have opened it to replace the 100 dollar bill which you lent the spectator. You read the impression of what the spectator has written at this time. Under the banknote, which has been pushed aside, you can see the carbon paper which is attached to the two ribbons.

(Ifyou prefer, you may have the numbers written on the slate at this time, in preparation for the addition which occurs later. Perform the move that the slate requires as you place the slate in the envelope, and give it to a volunteer for safe keeping.)

This photograph shows the slate at the moment when the exchange of the plates of the slate takes place (in the envelope). The lower, permanent plate bears the numbers which were written by the audience. These are replaced by the numbers you wrote previously. The picture (p. 68) shows this action viewed from the other side.

If you were to use the simpler and more familiar method, namely a switching pad, the whole thing would be much less complicated, but it would be less effective. The audience cannot see the little note pad as well as they can see the larger slate™ In this case, you would have the numbers written on the switch pad, and have it tossed to another spectator. (At this point the pages are switched because of the magnet!) Now the spectator adds the numbers and the total naturally equals the number from the banknote.

"Ma'am, would you please do me a favor and eat this tiny piece of chocolate. It has only 6 3/4 calories. All I need is the tinfoil. I will make two silver balls from it. Tinfoil will store the power of thoughts, something like a battery. Bruno Goering, the miracle healer of the 1950's knew about this."19

While she unwraps the chocolate, moisten the left index finger and prepare it with "Fireball."20

"I want each of you to hold one of these little balls in your hand. Try to send this suggestion to your partner: the ball is getting hot, hotter, red hot. Throw it away, quick! We will see who has the strongest influence, and - who gives up first. — Now think, wish, because wishes and thoughts have power. And spells are like dynamite!"

Tear the tinfoil in half and apply the "Fireball" to one half only. Roll the pieces of tinfoil into little

18 You could also use the Dobrin slates here, if you like. BP

19 You might want to substitute the name of someone more familiar to Americans, such as Wilhelm Reich, here. This name may remind some people of another, less favorable Goering. BP

20 This is sold in the U.S.A. under many names, including "Liquid lkat Be careful with this stuff. It is a mercury compound and is highly toxic. We < anno t be responsible for any damage you may do to yourself or others with th.s or any other item in this book. Our attorney told us to say this. BP

balls. HE receives the prepared ball. She receives the unprepared one.

"Look here, the husband has given up. Most of them do. He threw the hot ball away. — And what about your ball, ma'am? - Nothing special, and yet (it pops when you throw it away), you have loaded it with dynamite. You only needed to think, and he could feel the heat. Oh, I can see the red abysses opening up before us."21

While the two of them are holding the little tinfoil balls, pick up the cracker ball which has been prepared by wrapping it in tinfoil. Take the little ball from her, switch it with the cracker ball, and throw the cracker ball on the floor.

"Now the next thought experiment will certainly uncover any remaining secret talents. It concerns distant or malicious magic.22 Can you - each of you for himself, now - think of a person whom you simply cannot stand? Do you have such a person in mind? — No, no names, please.

"This person should really not exist. Imagine a cross between Frankenstein and Machiavelli or between Borgia and Messalina. Now write this person's initials on this piece of paper. — Finished? - Now we will annihilate this person by destroying him symbolically, by tearing the piece of paper into tiny pieces, as small as confetti."

She receives a piece of regular paper and he receives a piece of no tear paper. The pieces of paper are about the size of a business card. The no tear paper comes from Tannen's. It is a

21 A reference to the Jaws of Hell. BP

22 You might want to use the term "Voodoo" here, instead. BP

special type of document paper. I assume that other mage dealers worldwide also stock it. This section of the trick can be omitted without hurting the routine.23

You should have this made up in little pads of paper with alternating sheets of regular paper and no tear paper. The regular paper should match the surface of the no tear paper as closely as possible. If you make your pads yourself, by stapling sheets of paper together, you must perforate the no tear paper so you can tear it from the pad. If you wish, you can simply insert a no tear piece underneath the top sheet of a regular pad of paper. It is really not difficult to figure out ways to work with this.

"Sir, aren't you going to tear your paper, too? Your wife has already finished the job. Nothing is left of the person whose initials she wrote down. On the other hand, you are nobly allowing your worst enemy to live. It's very easy. Look, LIKE THIS! You can't tear it?

"This shows us that men cannot hate as dee. . as women. But they also cannot love as deeply, eith Positives and negatives always remain in balance in this world. He who cannot cry from his heart, also cannot laugh from his heart.

"But now we must see about the anniversary present. Have you thought of one? Just answer 'yes' or 'no,' please. You aren't sure? Then, let's figure out how much it will cost.

"I will write the numbers one to five on the other side of our slate (or note pad). [To her:) Write a five-digit number underneath that, (To him:) and you

23 This is also available from novelty shops. BP

write another five-digit number underneath the first two.

(To another man:) "Please take the slate in the envelope, along with the chalk, for safe keeping. Remember, on one side of the slate, there is the number from the bill, and on the other side, the numbers we have just written.

"Before we total these numbers, we will ask once more, can you think of how much you will pay for this gift? It would not be correct if you answered 10,000 dollars, but your wife might like that a little! — (after the reaction) — Please take the slate out of the envelope and add the three numbers. What is the total? It is the same number as the number from the bill? Nobody would believe that. Incredible."

Just follow the actions as described in the spoken part.

"Something has gone wrong with the calculations - as if we were in a time-space warp. Do you know what that means? Neither of you will have to spend a cent for an anniversary present. So it must be something that doesn't cost anything. What would that be for a lady?

"Have you figured out what the gift is yet? Good, then write your wish right here. Please write in this silver wreath, which is symbolic of your silver wedding anniversary. Write clearly, so we can read it later. Now, we don't want anybody else, other than you, to read it. Please crumple it into a ball and toss it to someone in the audience. [To the person who catches it:) "Please put it in your pocket."

See the photo for how the silver wreath should be drawn. You use it to limit the writing area to the portion of writing surface with the carbon paper.

"We will try one more mental test: "This envelope contains a card. The name of a city and a number have been written upon it. We will hang it from this rope. The gentleman will take this card. This card contains a list of cities and numbers. One city and one number have been circled in red."

You have a prepared letter sized24 piece of card stock. Upon it you have printed in large letters "333 - Rome." Fold this piece of cardboard twice and place it into a large envelope. Hang the whole thing from the trick rope, using a paper clip and a safety pin.

"Now we will make a connection with the he!;- t this rope. If the mental connection between yo -: tions as it did before, you will be able to tell when , r husband reads off the name of the city and the number which are circled in red. You will receive a little psychic shock at that point. It will not smart, for it comes form the heart. It comes from his heart and goes to yours."

Give her the end of the rope with the "balloon," that is, the end that receives the information. You place the end with the bulb, that is the end that "sends," in the outermost upper corner of your right trousers pocket.

24 In the U.S., "letter size" paper Is 8 1/2 In. x 11 In. In Germany, you would use DIN A4 size, 21 cm. x 30 cm. BP

Stand with your right side turned slightly away from the audience, with your right hand resting casually on your right hip. This allows you to apply pressure to the bulb undetected. Make the "connection" to the man by resting your left hand on his shoulder.

"Please read the list out loud, starting with the cities. Read each one exactly the same way. Do not let your voice rise or fall. You say 'stop' when you believe that you have felt the psychic shock."

(He begins to read.)

"Now? '333?' - And the city? - 'Rome?' So you felt the psychic shock when he read 'Rome' and '333.' — The connection works perfectly. Please open the envelope. What does the card say? 'Rome' and '333.' Congratulations."25

He reads off a series of numbers, then a series of cities from a list of numbers and cities which you have prepared beforehand. As soon as he names the number which is in the envelope, press on the bulb, and the lady will receive the signal. Do the same with the city.

As soon as she names the number and the city, open the envelope to confirm there was a psychic connection.

The "platelifter."

On the left you can see the bulb, on the right the balloon, made visible only for the photo.

The card which the man receives contains a list of approximately 10 cities and 10 numbers. The ones corresponding to those in the envelope are in RED. This difference apparently causes him to send out an impulse which she feels.

The card with the names and numbers which the man reads aloud. "Rome" and "333" are either in red or circled. Not pictured is the letter sized sheet of card stock with "Rome - 333" which is hung from the rope. The envelope on the right is the one ("Khan Envelope Test"J mentioned in "The Methods." The word "Rom" is visible through it.

"Now comes the crucial question for the husband: Do you still have the money? May I have it please? The money feels most secure with me."

Place the bill into the Corinda Wallet and read the lady's wish.

"Now you must tell us what you are going to give your wife for your silver anniversary. (After the answer) — You don't know? Husbands are all alike! But you will find out - from me, because magicians can guess the wishes of lovely ladies.

"Yes, yes, dear lady—WE should have married."

One other interesting method of using the "plate lifter in the rope" is as follows: He receives the information instead. The direction (of the thought transmission) is exactly reversed.

She writes down the name of the place she would like to visit if she could go on a second honeymoon. For this purpose she is given a small white envelope which has no lining (remove if necessary) and a card which fits into it. She is to write the name of the place she wishes to visit, using a felt tip marker. Then she is to place the card into the envelope and seal the flap shut. When you hang the envelope on the rope, you can read what she has written, if you press the envelope against the card.™ After you have learned the destination, have the lady name several cities, including the one she wishes to visit. Make

26 "Khan Envelope Test," by Corinda. This appears in Burling Hull's The New Encyclopedia Dictionary of Mentalism (Micky Hades International, Calgary, Canada. 1972.) p. 166 - 169. CMSjr certain she names each city in exactly the same tone of voice.

When she names the city she wrote down, press on the ball and he will know the answer. It will get a big laugh.

This trick contains a large amount of magical dynamite.

Nobody, least of all me, will think less of you if you only do one or two tricks from this routine at first. Nobody should perform this routine in its entirety unless he has already mastered all the tricks that are described.

You see, this is the assumption: Old timers will be able to perform the routine in a more or less modified form. This would be impossible for beginners. But you could learn all of the material by learning to present one trick at a time. When you have worked all of them out and mastered them, then you could work on the entire "composition." (in the sense of a musical composition, or an arrangement.)

Concerning The Props

AI Koran's "Medallion"

You need a pill box and two large silver coins. The preparation of the coin with the sticker has already-been described. In this routine, the card and the coin are in the left jacket pocket.

Corinda's Wallet

Available from ZZM.27 This is a universally useful device for mentalists. The impression is visible when you open the wallet from the other side.

Masseys Spirit Slate

This is a special slate that has two plates instead of just one. We will assume that the lower plate is the movable one. When you slide the lower plate out of the slate, the upper one will drop and take its place. The movable plate is then pushed back into place as the "new" upper plate. This gives you new surfaces on both sides of the slate.

You use the envelope to provide the cover for the move. Place the slate into the envelope, push the lower, movable plate out of the slate. Pull the slate out of the envelope as if to look at it once more. The movable plate will remain in the envelope. Once the two plates have cleared one another, push down on the upper plate with your thumb.28 A slot will appear above it, because the plate will swing back and forth an amount equal to the thickness of one plate if the second plate is not in place.

27 Zauber Zentrale München (Munich Magic Center), Krlchplatz 9, D-8023 Pullach, West Germany. BP

28 The Palhlnha Slate (p. 56) does not have to be 'pushed down'. CMSjr

When the slate is pushed back into the envelope, the second plate will pass through the slot and will slide over the upper side of the first plate. In other words, the two plates will change places.

In our routine the slate has the number from the banknote already written on it as you will write it later. The other side contains the numbers you have prepared for addition to produce the number from the banknote.

I definitely recommend that, once the addition has been done and the sum has been announced, you erase the numbers that were totaled and rewrite the sum in their place. Then there is no way an examination will reveal what you have donel

Plate lifter

It is concealed inside a braided rope. The "balloon" and the bulb are each concealed inside a pompon or a tassel.

My second best piece of advice: Once you have finally "got the routine down," perform it as often as possible. After ten performances, see how well it has been put together. After your one hundredth performance, you will have mastered it.

I have proven it!

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