Thanks to U F Grant

His ingenious "Million Dollar Trick"2 gave me the inspiration for this routine. As far as I know, it is the first routine of "bizarre magic" in the German language. This type of magic is very popular in the U.S.A. where it has been performed for several years.

The Grant idea with the torn banknote is extraordinarily devilishly clever. It will take the performer a while to grasp the extremely simple proceedings. It appears at first to be monstrously complicated, but only until you have grasped how logically it is constructed.

You will see what happens when you read the presentation. AND IT HAPPENS EXACTLY AS WRITTEN! - For the spectators who follow along with it, the effect is a shocker, something absolutely fantastic, absolutely impossible. The phenomenal part of it is that for the basic effect you need nothing more than a torn banknote in an envelope.

I first performed the effect, as always, "bare," as a single trick, without the time-space warp presentation and the spiritualistic bits of business. IT FELL FLAT! It is simply too good, too "impossible." The spectator hasn't even the slightest hint of an explanation. Although the procedure of the effect is completely clear and logical, the audience will be unable to reconstruct it in their minds. Something inherent in the spectator rejects what he has seen, because "it cannot and

2 This trick can be found in many sources, among them, The TarbcII Course in Magic, Vol, 3, pp. 112, ff. It is also found in Will une 's Complete Methods for Miracles as "Baffling Notes" and without credit to Grant in Karl Fulvcs' Self-Working Mental Magic, p. 42. BP

must not be true, because nobody really can do magic."

Therefore, this super effect must either be used as part of a mental effect or as the last item in your program. It must be presented in such a carefully constructed atmosphere of fantasy that the spectators become attuned to the unbelievable. Then they will feel at home in this mysterious ambience: "If all of the crazy things that have happened until now were possible, then this could happen here, too."

This routine imparts a certain logic to the Grant trick which is part of this presentation. In a time-space warp, everything is displaced, crazy, and impossible. This is also true of the course of time. This explains the basis of the trick: "You now possess an object which will not appear in our dimension until later - a phantom from the fourth dimension." This increases the curiosity and the tension, and provides, to a certain degree, a theory or hypothesis to explain the magic.

The boundary of the time-space warp is represented by a blue rope which is stretched. To my way of thinking, this is the first time this wonderful trick has been given a LOGICAL place in a spoken presentation.

The phenomena which take place on the table could be most easily accomplished by use of a stooge, which I have not done in this case. The movement of the candles could also be accomplished by having a spectator operate a plate lifter, while the performer stands at a distance. I have not included this possibility in the "methods."

The remaining effects, during which a spectator is sitting at a table on the stage (or podium), have been chosen freely from my repertoire. For example, I use the bent coin from the first booklet here. In this case, I combine it with a trick coin (Thumm).3

My trick light bulb comes from Ken Brooke,4 and is turned on and off by a magnet. Mystic smoke (ectoplasm) comes from Tannen's in New York. Blue rope is available from fabric shops or dry goods stores.

If you enjoy the story, then do not let yourself suffer by imagining that it is difficult to perform. There are no tricks that will dislocate your fingers. Everything must be firmly established in your mind. The course of events must be absolutely crystal clear to you.

Remember my advice: practice with your HEAD -mentally - not with your hands. This "mental training" improves your total powers of reasoning and keeps your cerebral .convolutions fit. There is, especially in the U.S.A., a whole group of schools which teach "mental training." Nobody could put it to better use than we mentalists.

3 Upon quizzing Punx about the coin to which he refers here, he told me that he was referring specifically to a folding coin. These are available from most magic dealers. He would bend the folding coin, and the switch it for a bent coin. Once in a while, he would do something else with it, such as passing it through a finger ring. BP

4 Scotty York Light Bulb, available from Joe Stevens Magic Emporium, Wichita, Kansas. BP


"If time really were money, as the old saying goes, then all the hobos would be rich. This shows us that the concept Time' is so complex that as soon as we try to define it and arrive at a logical explanation for it, that we immediately plunge into contradictions and paradoxes.

"I would like to show you, by means of an experiment with money, just how difficult it is to comprehend the phenomenon of Time'.

"Let's start by checking the time. What time is it? 9:00. Please write the time on this envelope which contains something, which I maintain could not possibly be here at this time. That is, something from the future. Please sign the envelope, and keep it in a safe place.

"You now possess, for the first and certainly the last time in your life, an object that, according to the customary arrangement of 'time', will not enter our space-time continuum until later. It is something spectral, a phantom from the fourth dimension.

"The experiment which you are about to witness will take place in a time-space warp. At one time this was called 'the fourth dimension.' This additional dimension was first described hypothetically 150 years ago by Professor Zöllner of Leipzig.

"As is usually the case, he was ridiculed by his colleagues. Einstein was the first to prove that a fourth dimension, called 'hyperspace', exists. It can only be reached by the psyche, and then only in excep tional cases, and only through a time-space warp. By coincidence, it appears to be transparent. It is magical and thus only magicians have access to it at all times.

"I would like to create a small time-space warp for us. Its border must be established by a magic circle, which must be created from the absolute, apparently from nothing. You will now witness the construction of the border of the time-space warp.

"This is a very mundane little piece of rope, which will become the boundary line. The only other ingredient which will be used in its construction is Tsi\ that is, mental power. I will use it to stretch the rope to the necessary length.

"Now it should be long enough to enclose you (the spectator who is holding the envelope and is sitting on the stage) completely. When the circle is closed, you will feel a change in the force field. In this artificial time-space warp, our familiar laws of nature no longer apply.

"The most reliable indicator is a compass. Here, outside the circle, it points in the correct direction, to the north. It is a very reliable piece of equipment, which we all know of from voyages, because it always points toward the north, even if the captain is drunk. - But here in your time-space warp, it must jump around. Does it? Then you can see quite clearly that contact has been established with hyper space.

"The matchbox stands up by itself. The force of gravity is also out of balance. If I light the candle something unusual might happen - or it might not. In a time-space warp, coincidence appears to rule, because we do not understand its laws.

"The candlestick is moving. Blow the candle out. The flame will serve as an indicator. -

"Look, it is burning again. Blow it out - and it burns again. Stop. If we remove the candle from the time-space warp and extinguish it, the "haunting" is over.

"Here is a 25 watt light bulb. In a time-space warp, sometimes it happens that, without any connection to an electrical circuit, a light bulb will to glow or even explode. Just so we don't lose anybody, should that happen - and it very seldom occurs - we will suspend the light bulb in this handkerchief.

"Please hold the corners and move the whole thing in a spiral from the outside to the inside over the top of the table. There, right in the middle of the table is the energy pole - the lamp is burning. Bring it over to the edge. You see, the invisible circuit reaches all the way to here. The current is still flowing.

"But although the current is actually invisible, it is somehow material, too. You see that you can cut the circuit as you would cut a wire. But the energy in a time-space warp is not just electrical, it is also ectoplasmic.

"Are you familiar with the concept of 'ectoplasm'? That is the mysterious substance phantoms and spirits are made of. It appears to flow from the upper bodily openings of spirit mediums. Sometimes it condenses into human arms or legs, or even into entire phantoms, such as those the famous Katie King5 produced for Sir William Crookes. Consequently, traces of this mysterious substance must be trying to gather over the energy pole of our time-space warp. Do you see the little clouds? Do we happen to have a medium among us? Then we could attempt to produce a spirit. No? What a shame. I really did want to see a ghost today!

5 Actually, "Katie King" was the spirit. Florence Cook was the medium who produced her. BP

"In a time-space warp, matter also changes. Please give me a five Mark piece.8 It is quite massive and solid. However if I place it upon the energy pole for a few seconds, the material changes and becomes astral to enough of a degree that it can be penetrated. A cigarette is most suitable for this, because it consists of 70% taxes. With a 70% tax, you can go right through the hardest currency. If I light the cigarette, I can still draw the smoke right through it. When I pull the cigarette out, the material seals right up without a seam. Try it yourself.

"Oh, it is bent now? I am sorry. It apparently was damaged in the time-space warp, but it still is five marks. I will be glad to give you another one! You would like to keep the bent coin as a souvenir? By all means, but don't tell anybody how this phenomenon came about. Nobody will ever believe you.

"However, we have now definitely established that you, this chair, and this table are located in a time-space warp, which is what we were trying to prove.

(At this point, send the spectator back to his seat.)

"Let's come back to the present, to reality. I need money, and I need it now.

"I am not greedy: two 10 mark bills 7 will be enough for a start. In order to spread the financial burden, would like to for two people to give me a bill - as a loan! I could use my own money, but every good businessman knows - always work with someone else's money, whenever possible.

6 Unless you work In Germany quite often, you will have trouble borrowing a five Mark piece. Some of you have probably figured out that this is the well known cigarette through the quarter. Use a quarter Instead, or whatever your largest commonly found local coin happens to be. BP

7 Just in case you haven't caught on to this part, use whatever is the currency that is available in yotir part of the world: ten dollar bills, ten pound notes, one million cruzeiro notes, or fifty thousand peso notes. BP

"And now I will make a little known characteristic of our money visible. To do this, I will tear your bills in half. This is easy to do with someone else's money, and it doesn't hurt a bit.

"Now, what do I have here? Still 20 marks, but in each hand I have two halves of bills that do not belong together, which are worth nothing\ So: together, we have 20 marks, separated, four pieces of paper. Twenty marks - nothing, 20 marks - nothing. Now I have clearly demonstrated the fiction of the value of money. A whole bill is worth 10 marks, half a bill -nothing. This insanity is only true with money.

"Now I will give these pieces of nothing away. First I will give two of them away. Which ones should I give away? These. Good. Just so you won't get too excited, I will give you just one of the nothings, that is, half of one bill, and I will give you this other piece.

"I will give these two nothings to a third person who has nothing. Who here has the most trouble with the tax people? Come here, please. We will prove to these bloodsuckers that you are standing there empty-handed, although you have a handful of money. Just so you won't attract any attention, we will put this worthless money into an expensive pock-etbook. Please take care that nothing happens to it. It would be best to hold it up high. No tax collector could ever reach it there.9

"Now the scene is set for something to happen in the time-space warp. Let's go over what has taken place up until now. Each of the two of you has half of a 10 mark note. They belong to different bills and are of absolutely no value together, because they do not

8 Substitute your national tax office - IRS, Inland Revenue. BP

9 The last line of this paragraph could also be - "No tax collector could ever rise to that." or "No tax collector will ever reach those heightsl" Wit is often difficult to translate. BP

match. - You have two half bills that also do not match, which you are holding in my pocketbook for safekeeping.

"You (to the spectator who was previously on stage, now in the middle of the audience) were given an envelope to take care of while you were in your little time-space warp. I gave it to you before I borrowed the two bills.

"What time is it? 10 minutes after 9. What does it say on the envelope? 9:00. So you received the envelope 10 minutes ago, right? Please open it and look inside. What is in there? - Two half 10 mark notes. -

"If one of these pieces from the time-space warp fits one of the pieces that was torn later, that would be unbelievable, impossible, crazy. Please let me have one of the halves. Does it fit your bill? No? That's completely possible. Naturally, it might also not fit yours.

"What did you say? It fits? That is beyond the realm of reason. If your note fits the other half from the envelope, then you really must have been in a time-space warp, where you moved out of our time, because at 9:00 you received two pieces of money which fit perfectly with two pieces of money that were torn in half 10 minutes later.

"It fits!! Two 10 mark bills have been put back together without even using the two halves that you are holding up. And what has happened to them? They have become 100 marks, a hundred marks that the tax collectors don't know about, and hopefully, never will! - Please don't tell on me."

At the end, the two spectators receive whole bills.

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