Th Booklet

Money From the Fourth Dimension 101

Thanks to U. F. Grant 102

Presentation 105

The Method 111

Stretching a Rope 114

The Grant Trick - Technique 117

A Brief Technical Review 121

Final Refinements 122

Outline of the Routine 127

5th Booklet

The Sheriff and the Card Sharp 131

Variatio Delectat 1>'<2

The Sheriff and the Card Sharp 1 34

"Roll the Film" 136

The Props 138

The Brainwave Deck 140

Important Afterthoughts 143

The Method 144

Souls in Harmony 146

"Doubleview" 146

Crystallomancy 150

Crystal Balls and Playing Cards 151

A Completely Crazy Idea 154

One Last Crazy Idea 158

6th Booklet

The Oracle, or "The Three Wishes" 159

Presentation 161

The Props 167

The Method 169

The Center Tear 1

1 77

Final remarks 1'

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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