Secret ESP Symbols

One of the three pencils belonging to this test has a cap. This is a GREASE PENCIL.3 Take one of the symbol cards, and fill in the lines with this pencil. Now press your thumb on one of the figures, and you will have the image on your thumb. This will now work

3 In the original "Super Punx Test Kit" I received years ago, this pencil is marked: LEICUNER ORIGINAL Crayon Dermatographe 46/2. On the reverse Is the word 'Schwartz'. I believe some grease make-up pencils would do. Experiment with some of the eyebrow pencils the ladies use. AR

These grease pencils which I got years ago are not obtainable any more. As far as I know, they were Incorrectly made. The first ones I had made die Impressions, but the ones I got later would not make the impressions any more.'They were made by Leichner, who makes stage makeup. Punx

When I was working on this section, I had no samples to go by, so I went out and researched pencils at all the art supply and office supply stores. I found a pencil that did the job. It Is made by Schwan, a German manufacturer. This Is called the STABILO 'All' - its number is 8046, and it says "STABILO paper - glass - plastic - metal" on one side. This is not the same pencil as the impression pencil, just the same manufacturer. You must put a LOT of the material from this pencil on the card to make the trick work. BP

like a rubber stamp! Press it on white, hard, or even better, glossy paper, and you will leave the image of this symbol.

For your performance, you prepare only one card. You show - for example - six cards with the symbols facing the audience. The card at the bottom of the packet, with the symbols facing you is your gim-micked card. When tell the lady what is going to happen, take the cards out of your pocket once more to show them to her. NOW, and not sooner, you "load" your thumb. Put the cards back into your pocket, show the business card to her and the audience. When you put it back on the table, you make the "print" on the blank side. After the man has gone back to his seat, turn the card so the back side is up, and have the lady open her eyes. Urge her to draw quickly, "because the image will remain for only a few seconds."

The above card was made by Punx to demonstrate how each 'print ' is fainter that the previous print. Over the circles is written: "Original' - "1. Print" and "2. Print in red ink.

Now you know the principle. I have thought out one other impromptu routine with this "pencil." Here it is:

While you are sitting, for example, in a restaurant with a friend, you ask him to give you two of his business cards. You take one of them, make some remarks or observations about the meaning of his name, and state there is one letter in his name which is outstand

ing, or if it matches, there is a connection with a triangle, cross, or whatever seems to be logical. You draw this symbol on one of his cards with your grease pencil.

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