Roll the Film

"The movie starts. What you see now is the title -The Sheriff and the Card Sharp, but that really doesn't interest us much. I have had the usual boring titles and credits. - There, a scene fades in with a western bar, a saloon with a card table and a long bar. You, the sheriff are sitting here at the bar watching the three poker players, who - right about here - are happily playing their game. Do you see it? Marvelous.

"There, suddenly the swinging doors open and in walks a man in black, elegant, with a silver vest, a watch chain, a ring on every finger, spurs, and a pair of flashing Colts. You already suspect the worst. Now you are wide awake, because you see the fellow pull a card out of his sleeve as he sits down with the players. He places it on his right knee. Only you can see it, but all you can see is the back of the card. It has to be either red or blue. Can you tell what color it is? Red? Marvelous, you have a perfect imagination.

"But you want to know which card is lying on his knee and you can do it because you are an expert marksman. Especially in your imagination!

"Because of this, you are in a position to turn the card over from your place at the bar with a single shot. All you need to do is shoot a hair's breadth UNDER the card. The fellow will be amazed.

The camera dollies up to the card: close-up. Now your moment has arrived. You draw, you aim, and now you fire. - BANG!

"Look here, you have shot a hole in the screen -and in the card sharp's trousers. The crook has gotten his just desserts. Yet, you have turned the card over. It is now face up. Right? Which card is it? - nine of spades? - Fabulous, the fellow has been unmasked.

"But not just in the fantasy; you have also turned the card over in reality. Look at this:

"There is a deck of cards hanging on the back of the movie screen - however it has blue backs. Could your imagination have been wrong? Perhaps.

"Just one card is turned face up in the deck, the nine of spades. You are indeed an expert sharpshooter, and - you did not make a mistake. The back of the nine of spades and only this card is red. You devil, you. You are the greatest sharpshooter of all time, and the audience will thank you with (what else would you expect) thunderous applause. What am I saying — a standing ovation!

"And so, with this badge, I pronounce you honorary sheriff of the land of dreams. Wear the badge with honor. However, you must return the pistol, because they are not permitted in the realm of fantasy - only in reality."

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