Real Magic The Anniversary

This routine consists of two parts

1. Real Magic

2. The Anniversary

Together they will give you a 45 minute routine,

"Real Magic" is a parody of conventional magic tricks.2 The performer states, "There is no such thing as real magic," only to wind up with a real miracle at the end. The spectator actually looks into a cr\ stal ball and at first, sees a nude woman. Then he looks again and sees a freely selected card that a spectator has removed from a deck and placed into his pocket without looking at it. Nobody knows the identity of this card until it is revealed by the spectator.

In the second part, "The Anniversary," the performer brings a married couple on stage and shows how many secret similarities they share. These are clearly, by and large, new and mysterious effects. At the end, the performer reveals what the lady wants for her next major wedding anniversary, such as the 25th or the 50th. At the climax of the routine, the performer says: "Yes, dear lady, WE should have been married!"

The routine is very humorous and is suitable for private parties such as birthdays and anniversaries. The props will fit into a briefcase. There is no "apparatus."

2 This routine will remind you very much of the things Penn and Teller have been doing recently. This appeared in print long before they were doing their parody. However, I don't think either one of them reads German well enough to nave used this as a source. BP

Like in the routine "The Interrupted Dream," there is more material here, in the way of tricks and story ideas, than you would normally be able use in a single performance. Also, in the first part, "Real Magic," I cannot give you a hard and fast series of tricks to do.

So I will describe cigarette, coin, handkerchief and card tricks because I have them in my repertoire. The purchaser of this book can add his specialties, such as ropes, balls, or even a suitable silk production device. The performer should make fun of his own tricks.

The performer is not degrading his performance in this routine. Quite the contrary. He is making an understatement, and by doing so, he makes an even greater impression than if he announced the miracle with words and gestures.

You can also insert any of your own tricks that might fit the routine into "The Anniversary." For example, you can have each of them throw the same number on a pair of dice, if you don't happen to have the particular trick called for in your repertoire. The point must remain that the performer knows a secret wish the wife has, which the husband knows nothing about.

I recommend that you produce some small gift for the lady at the end of the routine. As an example, you might have a small bouquet hanging from the back of the chair upon which the lady sits. This could be concealed by a scarf. At one particularly merry and suitably luxurious occasion, I produced a guinea pig from the pocket of my tail coat and gave it to the lady, rhe applause was overpowering.

To learn the routine, I recommend the same thing hat I previously recommended in "The Interrupted

Dream." This method, first learning and working the routine out in your mind, is thousands of years old and had lain forgotten for many years. Oscar Schellbach [My System of Success) trained his students using this method. Sports coaches have recently been using this system to train their protegees. They practice the javelin throw and the high jump in their minds and achieve much better scores.

That which you conquer with your mind, you also conquer with your body!

The props: Slate in envelope, with the plate lifter and the chalk lying upon It.

Top - dice cup with loaded dice, cards, crystal ball with silk handkerchief, thumb writer, Corinda wallet, handkerchief pull, note pad for thumb writer trick, pencil, cigarette, box with two coins that are alike.

Below - the list of names and numbers and the transparent envelope, through which the word "Rom" appears. The billet (actually letter sized) which is placed into an envelope not pictured) and then hung from the plate lifter. VOT pictured are: the switch pad, the billet for the coin and box rick (Koran), the threaded coins, the perfume trick the chocolate, nd the no tear paper.

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