Publishers Preface

In the late seventies, Punx released material he had been performing for various decades as a series of seven booklets (in German): Experimente mit dem Überraum. In 1980 one of them, Der Wahrtraum, was released in English to members of the Psychic Entertainers Association. Punx has revised and audience tested all the material from the original series. These new touches appear in this book for the first time.

Punx also put out fifty copies of The Super Punx Test1 (in English). This effective miracle has been added as a bonus for you.

This volume adds to the dimension of Punx's Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales (EMP, 1989) in the area of mentalism. The most important element is THE ENTERTAINMENT FACTOR! Here is dynamic, living mentalism that truly takes you to tomorrow! When you perform this material well, your audience will never forget you.

The summer of 1989 in San Antonio, Texas, the three people responsible for The Punx Books meet for the first time. For me, this was a unique experience. Magic owes a debt to the competent capacities of two people: Punx for having created the original, and Bill Palmer for having beautifully translated this material to English.

México City 13 January 1990

1 Copy No. 4 was sent to my sobriquet.


Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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