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From The Back Cover:

"Psycho Bell" is one of the most ingenious thought reading experiments. Only connoisseurs will appreciate the subtle reasoning that has gone into it. The techniques and presentation are so refined that even the skeptic will be so captivated by what happens that he will believe in thought reading. Heartfelt thanks to Larry Becker for his permission to publish his brilliant method which has been included in the Punx presentation.


I have not worked on any of my effects longer than I have on this one.

When I performed it at the P.E.A. convention in Norfolk in May, 1985, one of the best mentalists there, Dr. Baker asked permission on the spur of the moment to use my routine.1 Because this effect was received with so much enthusiasm in America, I decided to publish it as the Seventh in my Fourth Dimensional series.

I would like to show you how it developed. I will leave out some of the first attempts and I will write out only the last two of them completely. You will then be able to see some of the little subtleties which appeared in the final version that were not in the previous one. Whenever I improve an effect, I always compare it to the previous version by going over the two versions in my head. Then I must decide for myself whether to perform the new routine. In this way, I can always have a clearer picture of the spirit of the improvements.

Now, let's go from theory into practice - here is my routine, "Psycho Bell."

This effect is based on the principle of restricted selection, which has already been used in many variations in mental magic. In order to show you how this principle works, I will explain anbther effect to you which is based on restricted selection.

1 Good manners still prevail among America's mentalistsl Punx

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Friendly Persuasion

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