"Ideas seem to be floating around in space. It happens again and again that discoveries are made at the same time on different continents. People say that the time was simply ripe for these discoveries. But that means as little as explaining the secrets of animals by that mysterious word, 'instinct'. THE IDEA IS SIMPLY THERE, ripe, ready to be harvested. You only need to switch over to 'receive,' and it will come in.

"This theory seems to be correct, otherwise an experiment based upon this principle which I have tried many times would not have succeeded so often.

"May I try it with you? Now, you must not chide me if it doesn't work. The probability is about 70%.

"In order not to influence your thoughts ahead of time in any particular direction, I will not tell you ex-actiy where this whole thing is leading.

"First we need an idea. Since we are merely performing an experiment, it must be a fairly simple thought, which we will promote to the rank of an idea. For example, it could be a simple geometrical design, such as a circle or a triangle, a letter, or - let's say - a two-digit number. Please don't say anything.

"Have you thought of something? Good, here are two pieces of paper and a pencil. I will draw a point of concentration in the center of one of the pieces of paper. Imagine yourself surrounded by the universe of thought, all of the thoughts that have ever been thought and will ever be thought. This point has enough room for them because thoughts do not occupy any space.

'Take the paper and the pencil. Look at the concentration point and switch over to 'receive'. Your mental eye will perceive either the geometrical design, the number, or the letter which you are thinking of or which you will receive. When you have this picture in your mind, project it upon the paper. If you have enough mental power, you will actually see your thought on the paper.

"Do you .see it? What is it? A Y? Good. Write it with large, bold strokes upon the paper, just as you see it there.

"Good. Roll the piece of paper into a ball and drop it into your pocket.

"Now you have received the idea ,'Y, and written it down, which 'fixes' it, making it a 'real' object. It is floating around in space once more."

Now the waiter, the bartender, or some other person who has not seen the preceding action is called over.

"Please, sir, would you help us with a mental experiment? I have drawn a so-called concentration point on this piece of paper. Otherwise, the paper is completely blank, as you can see. Now, I would like for you to take the piece of paper over there, relax completely, and concentrate on this point.

"At first something will appear before your mental eye, and then gradually it will become clearly visible. It will be a something such as a simple geometrical design, a number, or a letter. When you see it clearly, draw it exactly as you see it on the piece of paper with the pencil. Then crumple the paper into a ball and place it in your pocket, and come back over here."

After the pieces of paper have been exchanged and read, the performer says, "Didn't I tell you that ideas float around in space?"

If you can perform the trick in a restaurant with the waiter or with a guest at another table, that is the ideal situation. It will also work if you use a stranger off the street!

I performed the trick (LIVE!) on a broadcast from Baden-Baden. The "stranger" was Peer Schmidt2 who ivas filming in the next studio, and who had to be orought into our studio while he was in the middle of filming. The trick worked, and Peer Schmidt had no idea or explanation for the miracle. He was as amazed as the rest of audience.

When you learn the secret of this super trick, at first you will be horrified at its boldness, as everyone else is. BUT THERE IS SCARCELY ANY MENTAL TRICK THAT WORKS MORE RELIABLY IF YOU FOLLOW THE SIMPLE BUT HARD AND FAST RULES.

The actual secret was an accidental discovery. The secret is in the paper. This paper must have a rough or matte surface. The best types are various types of art paper, 3 but absorbent paper will also work.

If you write on this type or paper with your finger

2 Peer Schmidt is a German television personality. BP

3 Coated paper works best. When this part oft] ne series was Issued in German, Punx furnished a small pad of paper with it. I took this to a major art supply store to have it identified. It was a type of "clay-coated" paper, wnlch Is available in a large book of blank paper. It is called Marker Sketch Book by Signature Edition. There are 160 8 1/2" x 11" pages, and It sells for about $9.00 (in 1989).

Corinda describes this paper as looking like white paper coated with poster paint. That is quite accurate. Some people use thermal print paper or copier paper, but these are not the best choice. The surface change is subtle, but definite. BP

nail, a type of writing will appear that is visible or invisible, DEPENDING ON HOW IT IS HELD TO THE LIGHT!!

After writing on it with your fingernail, you can handle the paper quite naturally, as long as you keep it in motion. When you hold it up to the light - which is an especially convincing way to show that it is "blank" - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS VISIBLE.

If the waiter or the stranger takes the paper to a place with good light such as a table lamp or a window, and handles it as you tell him to, he must see the writing clearly. This will make it virtually impossible for him to make a mistake.

During the countless performances in which I have been able to perform this test, I have had it go wrong only twice. Once, Jay Palmer was acting as "the waiter" and Betty Davenport as "the second spectator." Palmer was, as usual, not sober and wrote some kind of nonsense, without having actually seen anything. Betty Davenport did not go to the place to which she had been directed to look at the paper, as any normal spectator would. Instead, she stayed right where she was standing, looked at the paper, and saw the secret writing. She held it under Gilly Davenport's nose and said, "Look Daddy, very clever!"

This will teach you to perform the trick with no more than ONE magician. The disinterested spectator, the waiter, must be a lay person, because only they will behave normally. You know in any case that magicians are the least suitable spectators, and not only for mental magic. You cannot in any case test the effectiveness of a trick with an audience of magicians!

Also, you must be careful to have the spectator sit OPPOSITE you, never to the side! Otherwise he will see you out of the corner of his eye when you do the writing.

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Practical Mental Influence

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