Presentation I

"I would like to tell you a story which will seem familiar to most of you, although you will never have heard it before. This is it.

"One icy April day, a luxury liner on her maiden voyage had a collision with an iceberg. Although she was considered to be unsinkable, she sank with more than half her passengers, because there were fewer lifeboats on board than were needed. The novel which described this catastrophe in great detail was called The Wreck of the Titan. The almost unknown author of this novel was Morgan Robertson. His book, which was published in 1898, received hardly any attention.

"Yet, 14 years later, in 1912, it became quite significant, because on an icy April night the Titanic sank after a collision with an iceberg. It was just a hair's breadth from the exact scenario that Robertson had dreamed in his prophetic novel.

"This is only one of the countless prophetic dreams in history. It becomes increasingly apparent that we simply do not understand the concept of time, or that we do not know how to interpret it. It appears as if we can occasionally see the stream of time correctly, as something static over which we can travel at will.

"Now there is a dream I have had on several occasions which might be a prophetic dream, if it were ever actually to come to an end. But it is always interrupted at the high point. I simply wake up. I always dream the same thing in this silly dream. . ."

[From this point on, the presentation is the same as "Presentation II.")

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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