Presentation and Effect

"The old magic books have always asserted that magic words really do work. Naturally, the real ones have been kept secret, otherwise somebody would have used them to wreck havoc. It is a well known fact that the Australian aborigines are able to sing a man to death over a great distance. To do this, the singer must simply know the secret name of the victim, which only the shaman of the tribe knows. He will only reveal it when a criminal, who is cursed, has been condemned to death.

'Tonight I do not intend to sing anyone to death. But in a harmless experiment, in which I will give you at most a case of hiccups, I will make the power of the word clear to you. However, you must help me with it by listening closely to my words and letting your fantasy come into play. This will only work if you are an imaginative audience.

"Imagine that we are all going into our kitchens. Are you there? Good, then open your refrigerator. There is a big, organically grown lemon. Do you see it? Please take it out and stroke the smooth, waxy surface with both hands. Inhale the fine aroma. Can you smell the aroma? Good, then take out a kitchen knife and cut the lemon in half, right through the middle. If any of you have cut yourself, I have Band Aids on hand.

"Have you cut it? Then look at the wonderful starlike pattern of the pulp of the lemon. Do you see both halves in your fantasy? - Now let's reach down again and let the tips of our tongues glide over the cool surface. We are all beginning to salivate now. We enjoy this feeling and NOW WE BITE INTO THIS HALF OF THE LEMON AS HARD AS WE CAN, and suck out the juice. . .

". . .1 see all of you swallowing, you and you. Look around you. Everybody with imagination is swallowing.

"That is the power of the WORD in connection with our fantasy. I can see that you have had enough of it. So I can try an experiment with you now, that makes the power of fantasy visible in a secret way. -Would you like that? - Fine!

"So, as I have told you the tale of the lemon, I would like to show you a scene from a western movie. Imagine that you see all the action on this little movie screen. The stronger your imaginations work, the more amazing the results will be.

"Sir, would you be so kind as to play the part of the sheriff? There is something about you that means that you will be absolutely convincing in this role. So I will present you with the sign of your new rank, a sherifFs badge. Does anybody object to that? Nobody. You have been unanimously elected. - Now, I can also give you this weapon. What kind of sheriff would you be without a shooting iron? The pistol is fully loaded. Just one thing: when you shoot, shoot only at the movie screen which I am holding - unless you shoot at the audience when it boos and hisses. Myself - I am naturally bulletproof.

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

This book is not about some crazed conspiracy thinkers manifesto. Its real information for real people who care about the sanctity of their own thoughts--the foundation of individual freedom.

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