Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

Reading Tarot Cards Revealed

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"Almost everybody has secret wishes and passions for something unattainable. Haven't you ever wished to win a million at the lottery, and then dreamed about what you would do with this million? -Then, perhaps in your dreams, you lived in a castle by the sea, a luxury bungalow in the Bahamas, or a South Sea island. Or perhaps you sailed the seas in a white yacht, surrounded by ten beautiful women.

"Well, we should dream and wish, because wishes are forces. I believe it was Mulford who said: The most secure collateral is a castle in the air, because if you wish for something strongly enough, it becomes real.'

"Even now in Germany2 there are schools that teach people to realize their desires through wishful dreaming (Silva Mind-Control).

"I would like to give you a little lesson in mind control, along with the magic of the oracle. I would like to attempt to look into your future and see if I can find your wishes.

"Do you have such a secret wish? - Don't reveal it to me. Call it up in your thoughts and set it down here on this piece of oracle paper. - This shall be only the first of three wishes which you are to write down. When you see it clearly before you, write it in the circle. Print it clearly to impress it firmly on your mind. - You can see the pentagram above the circle. This will protect your wish from envious people. Once

2 Substitute the name of your country here. Silva Mind Control has schools around the world. BP

you have written your wish, then it has been set in motion and you are a bit closer to its fulfillment.

"Now, a second question: you cannot be happy by yourself, you must share your happiness with someone else. Who is that person? Do you know? When you have decided, print the name of that person on the line with the two question marks. Have you done that?

"Now for the third wish. Young people seldom think about it, but it is the most important of all for the autumn of our lives. Where would you like to live out the rest of your days if you had an absolutely free choice? No, don't say anything. Wait until you have thought about it before you decide.

"On the oracle paper you can see a road sign next to a street that leads off into infinity. Look at this street of dreams. Where should it lead? It is your road. Hie end of this street is in the place of your dreams, so print the name of the continent, the country, or the city upon the road sign. This will set the third wish in motion.

"Have you done that? Now, we can start your wishes upon their journey and free their powers in the fourth dimension, the kingdom of dreams. To do that, fold the oracle paper twice, in quarters.3 Now make a mystical gesture over it three times, symbolically, and say 'Oracle, grant my wish'.4 Then give it to me, so I can infuse it with magic.

"Now we will free your wishes from the chains of

3 The original text said "fold it twice, as you would fold a letter." While Germans fold their letters in quarters, Americans seldom do. It helps If you fold the billet the proper way before you give it to the spectator. BP

4 The original German was "toi-toi-toi" which Is a theatrical good luck spell. You can use any magic words you like here, including "Emases Nepo" (Open Sesame, spelled bacWards) or even "Owah. Tfegu. Stain." BP

their material existence with the purifying flame. We send them back into chaos, from whence they came.

"All that which was created came from chaos, the primal stew that was the universe at the beginning of time. Therefore, we annihilate the matter by using fire to set the purified thoughts free. Pour a teaspoon of astral fluid over it. Its flame changes everything to spirit. Light it. Perhaps the unattainable will be born from this flame.

"Now we must consult the oracle. Only magic can find the way through the irrational. You have shuffled the cards, and by doing so, you have attuned them to your fate. Now, for each wish, take three cards from the top of the deck, one at a time, and place them face down on the table. I will use the crystal ball to try to see what they mean in conjunction with your wishes."

Let's assume that in our example, a man has wished for "Porsche, HelgaM., Hawaii." You have your prepared extra cards in the following order -ten of diamonds, Jack of spades, King of diamonds - Queen of hearts, queen of spades, nine of hearts - two of clubs, four of clubs, ten of clubs.

"Let's begin. For your first wish, turn the first card face up. Ten of diamonds. Diamonds signify 'money'. So your first wish is a question concerning money. The next card is the Jack of spades - that is some kind of government official. This person could be bringing you the news of an inheritance or he might want to issue a lien against your property. - King of diamonds! Now he is the man carrying the letter with the money in it. According to these cards, your wish for a super auto will be fulfilled after a bit of difficulty. But don't forget that oracles are sometimes ambiguous. This means that according to the image in the crystal ball, you might actually get a 'pinto' .5

"Your second wish - turn the next card face up -Queen of hearts. What else could it be? - Wait, does her first name begin with a 4K' - no, rather with an 'H'. Correct? - The next card is the Queen of spades. That could only signify that your present or future mother-in-law would like to place the monogram 'HM' on the dowry. Apparently a somewhat old fashioned lady, but nice, veiy nice, the mother of your Hilda.6 However, after you have learned that your companion would like to have a few children - turn over the next card, please - nine - she wants nine? I am sure that you would like to think it over once more.

"And now the last wish. Two of clubs. Do you see how the club forms a cross? Yes, there is a cross connected with the road here, a cross road. Will you go there? The next card is the four of clubs. You are holding to the correct course. If you get the six of clubs, you will reach your South Sea island. - Ten of clubs. There is a clear pathway, even ten clear pathways! Now it all depends on your choosing the correct way -to the bronzed hula-hula dancers on the shores of the blue sea. Is that true? Is that what you have wished for?"

This is a humorous version of the presentation. You could as well present the whole thing dramatically, seriously. Obviously this routine would not be

5 In the German version, the word in quotation marks is "Ente," which Is "duck" in German. It is a slang term for trie Renault 2-CV, France's answer to the Volkswagen. It was definitely an ugly duckling that never became swan. Richard Hatch suggested that "bug" might also work here, although any inexpensive car with an animal's name would also be appropriate. BP

6 Notice here there is an error in the name, as Punx never says "Porsche" in the first section. This is for realism. Exact names, both for the auto and the name would be too good to be true. BP

suitable for a lady, or especially an older lady. You must construct the card setup to fit the spectator you choose to work with. If you wish to be absolutely certain, you should have two packets of nine cards each, one suitable for a man and the other suitable for a lady. You commit yourself to a particular interpretation, if you use prominent cards. However, if you use low value cards, such as the three of spades, the five of clubs, etc., you can give each card an interpretation that fits the presentation, i. e. the spectator's wishes. With enough imagination and nerve, you can eliminate the forced (preset) cards, and boldly assert that each card in the reading means this or that. The fact that the interpretation which the performer reveals is related to the wish of the spectator, seems to have only secondary significance with respect to questions we are concerned with.7

If you use the more effective and mysterious tarot cards, then you can be even bolder. Use only the cards from the "lesser arcanum," the ones with no text on them. Only the initiated know their meanings.8

The decisive effect of "The Oracle" lies in the fact that the performer learns three secret wishes of a spectator by a clairvoyant reading using cards and a crys

7 The 'bold' interpretation is easy if you have the Gift of Gab, or someone in your family has kissed The Blarney Stone. Seriously, if you have enough imagination and are quick-witted, it is not hard to do. I have often done this as a card revelation: one spectator selects a card (forced) and another freely shuffles the deck and divides it into any number of pile. Cards are turned over randomly by the first spectator from the top of any pile. The mentalist "interprets" the face up cards to determine the card selected. It is very impressive. I don't remember where I read about the method. CMSJr

8 There are varying schools of thought on this. Some people say that tarot cards are more effective, others think they look too unusual. I like them myself. There has been an increased amount of interest in The Tarot In the last two decades In this country, so more people are aware of the Interpretations of the cards. However, if you are questioned about the correctness of an interpretation, you can say, "I am a student of the Viennese method of tarot reading. We look past the superficial interpretations and go into their secret inner meanings." They can't dispute that! BP

tal ball. The fascination consists of the fact that you bring to light the secret wishes of your spectator that lie in the hearts of everyone. In that respect, all of the spectators, even those who are not immediately involved, take an intense part in what is happening. If this experiment is conducted under normal conditions, there will be no noise or inattention, only anxious silence.

It is an ideal closing experiment for a close-up mental program. Protect it!®

9 The late Harry Wlllard (Willard the Wizard) used to say, "This one Is not for the peasants." That Is true of all of the material In this book, but especially true of this routine, which disguises the center tear principle so well and gives so much that you can do with the information once you have gotten hold oT the center piece. Don't give this one away. Make 'em buy the book! BP

Here are all the props with tarot cards.

The sand In the bowl has been omitted in the photo.

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