1. Tear a 10 mark note in half and place it into the envelope and then place it into the Lubor Die. Pocket handkerchief in the right trousers pocket, on top of it is the folded 100 mark bill.

la. Mark a second bill and place it in the nonmagnetic side of the R.A.R. wallet. Write the serial number of the torn bill (in the envelope) on the note pad in that side of the wallet. Place the wallet, held open by a ball point pen, in your breast pocket.

2. Give the "time-space warp envelope" to a spectator in the middle of the audience.

3. Borrow a 10 mark note from a spectator on the left.

3a. Place note into wallet, take out ball point pen. Have a spectator write down the serial number of the bill. Allow wallet to fall on floor when you take it back.

4. Borrow a bill from a second spectator. Lay one bill on top of the other, face up!

4a. Have the number of the second bill written by the second spectator. Give piece of paper with both numbers to spectator. Place both bills on top of one another and put pen and wallet in your pocket.

5. Tear both bills simultaneously.

6. Switch halves.

7. Bring up another spectator and place two halves into each hand.

7a. Bypass the hand with the marked halves.

8. Take the both halves from the hand chosen by the spectator (not possible when using serial numbers.) Give one to a spectator on the right and one to a spectator on the left.

9. Place remaining half bills into handkerchief, switching them for folded 100 mark bill. Wrap with rubber band and give to spectator to liold.

9a. Burn halves.

10. Have one half bill from "time-space warp" given to you and try to fit to bill in audience. Does not fit. Switch halves with spectator in audience and give the switched half to spectator on right. It fits.

11. Give first spectator the second half from the time-space warp. It fits.

11a. Compare first number with that of a spectator and confirm it to be correct. Have second spectator - the one on the right - read serial number aloud, and confirm it.

12. Spectator with handkerchief opens it and finds 100 mark note inside.

The original pamphlet came with three colored pieces of paper, approximately the same size as a bank note. These pieces of paper were to be used to help you learn the switch and eventually master it. These sheets of paper were blue, pink, and green. If you will make up some pieces of paper like these for practice, you will find that you can learn the trick much more quickly.

The blue sheet was the bill from the "time-space warp." As you know, it is torn and placed in the envelope for safe keeping.

The green and pink pieces are also torn in the middle so each hand contains two halves that do not fit together. They are then exchanged as shown in the pictures on page 118. Now the right hand holds (for example) two green pieces, which fit together, and the left, two pink ones. These two pairs of pieces are, of course, placed into the hands of the spectator whom you bring forward. Two of these, in our example, the GREEN ones, are each given to two spectators, one on the left and one on the right. Pretend to place the two pink ones into the handkerchief.

At the appropriate time, have the spectator give you one of the halves of the blue bill from the "time-space warp." Hold it next to the green half the spectator on the left is holding, for comparison. Switch the halves, so the spectator on the left is now holding the blue half, without knowing it. With the green half, which you are now holding, walk over to the spectator on the right, who is, as you know, holding the matching green half in his hands.

The spectator in the middle ("time-space warp") gives the spectator on the left the other blue half. Now he has two blue halves and everything matches.

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