Or The Three Wishes

'Oracle from the Latin orare - to pray. The practice of discerning events occurring at a distance, either in time or in space. "

-According to Bonin's Lexikon derParapsychologie

The word "oracle" may also signify "prophecy," that is, the knowledge of past, present, or, most often, future events.

As long as mankind has existed, the oracle has held a mysterious attraction for us. Even crass materialists are captured and held hostage when the oracle occupies himself with their fates. Of course, they will usually say, "It's all superstition," but at the bottom of their hearts, even the most rational of them are moved when someone knows how to divine their secret passions.

The fascination of this "experiment" rests upon this all too human attitude. I have never created a routine that worked more effectively or which was subject to more discussion after a performance.

Artistically presented, "The Oracle" will appear to be genuine clairvoyance.

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