One Last Crazy Idea

Do you have a vanishing box in which you could make a ring, coin, or something similar disappear, which you can secretly obtain the contents through a secret panel? Then what are we waiting for?16

Steal the object out of the box by the secret panel and place it under the ball and handkerchief. Then you can describe it more accurately than the spectator himself, because it will be highly magnified.

If you can't get the object back into the box while the audience is watching, open it yourself and pretend to take the object you have just dealt with out of the box. Or you could open the box and secretly allow the object to fall onto the FELT-LINED bottom of the box. Then the spectator could take it out of the box, himself.

Tou must wish for the impossible, in order to achieve that which is possible, Ottokar Fischer once wrote to me in his book. That book was burned up in an air raid. But his dedication has been burned into my heart.

16 A rattle box, watch box, or even a Llpplncott box (used in reverse) could do nicely for this. BP

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Practical Mental Influence

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