Necessary Addendum

If you fear that you have selected a dense spectator, show him what to do on another billet and say something like this:

"Please draw a some kind of geometrical figure on the paper. I will make a wavy line, something nonsensical so I won't influence you in any way. Then ask a lady to give you a two-digit number and write it down here inside the figure." (While you say this, draw and write these things on the extra billet.)

"In no case should the lady give you the number '00', so I will use this number as an example."

Hold the Annemann billet you have just drawn upon under his nose (naturally this one is also pre-folded). Show him how to fold the billet and throw it carelessly on the floor or behind you on the stage.

It happens now and then that a malicious spectator will draw a tiny figure in the corner. Thi n he doesn't have enough room for the number, and he must write it next to the figure. This can be magnificent if you can recognize this writing at a short distance. When this happens, during the "reconstruction" (point 9 of the outline), say the following:

"You remember that I asked the gentleman to draw a large figure. He found it more effective i do the opposite. But you didn't want to hoodwink me, did you? - However, my subconscious knew ahead of time exactly what would happen. The higher self makes no mistakes. I have given you (to the man on the right) my piece of paper, which I wrote upon ahead of time. Would you please make certain that I have drawn ex-

ictly the same thing as this gentleman?"

He does this and you are sure to get a round of applause. Be certain that the billets circulate among the mdience afterwards, so other spectators may also be imazed by the miracle.

Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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