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Before you get down to the practical work on either of these routines, that is, putting everything together that I have shown you and trying it with the objects in hand, you should learn the sequence of events, the moves, and the sleights by heart. Then you should rehearse the routine "in your head." This "practicing in your head" will make you progress much more quickly and definitely than doggedly practicing the sleights, movements, moves, and the order of things. You will see that practical work is really just a minor detail if you are clear in your mind about what you are supposed to do.32 Sports trainers and coaches in the U.S. have been doing this for some time now.

32 This does not mean that you can eliminate practice completely. You still need to try the routine in rehearsal, just to make sure that wnat you actually do corresponds with what you thought it should look and sound like. Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis uses this system. He also still practices intensely. BP

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Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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