This card represents a book. The word 'imp' and number '94' were transferred from the sheet shown on the previous page. 77us was prepared byPunx for AR.

All of your books must have light colored covers. A trial will show you the reason. The prints will not show well on dark surfaces. The only movement which you will have to practice before performing the book test is the "printing" at the correct moment. You have to hold your "loaded" thumb as if you were wearing a thumb tip.

(Just an idea: You could have a forced card or symbol on your thumb, covered with a thumb tip! At the correct moment, dispose of the thumb tip, moisten your finger, press - not wipef- it on your thumb, and you can printJ9

Effect 3: "I am THE GREATEST!"

I did not count the impromptu effect with the two business cards among our three promised effects, because it is so similar to Effect 1. - The next routine seems to me to be the most unbelievable of all, but I must admit that, at this time it is highly theoretical. I have only tried it out for myself, mainly because it cannot stand on its own. It will have to be one of the first items you show and it must also be the last one. The patter will show you why.

"I would like to try a thought transmission experiment. You know that it is possible for one person to read another person's mind, but these are only the most general, vague impressions. In this experiment, I am going to try to read someone's mind EXACTLY, that is 100% correctly. In order for this to work, the minds of both people, the transmitter and the receiver must be perfectly attuned, to exactly the same wave length. This very seldom happens."

9 This 1s not very difficult at all to learn to do. You must adapt the "printing" move to fit the structure of your thumb. Some people have large thumbs, and should be able to print very large words. Others are cursed with stubby :tle thumbs, which will only be good for fine print. Here is a way that you can determine the correct way to pick up and print the word and the number:

Pick up a paperback Dook about the size of the ones you will be using. Hold It in your right hand so the thumb is on the back of the book and the fingers on the front. The thumb should be aligned with the middle finger. The fingers should be flat against the book and the thumb should be as "flat" as It possibly can be. Ideally, the Inside of the outermost Joint of the thumb (the surface that produces the greatest portion of the thumb print) should be lying In as close contact with me cover as possible. Squeeze as hard as you can. Look at the area covered by the thumb. This will be the area your thumb can use to pick up or print Information. Keep the print well inside this area. Practice this with both hands, so you can get the thumb into the correct position without looking at your hands. BP

(After you have your "medium" on stage:) "I would like for you to think of any letter in any language, preferably Chinese or Arabic. In an emergency, it could even be - an English letter. Do you have one? Good."

Give the gray card to your medium, together with pencil #2 (the pencil from the previous routine) and show him the two envelopes, one on top of the other, covering the flap of the gimmicked envelope 10 either with your finger or the other envelope. Give him the unprepared one and put the other one aside, together with the second card, which is for you!

"Now write the letter you are thinking of inside this circle, then put it into your envelope, writing side down, and place it into this little stand. - But before you write, I will try to read your mind. Think very hard of the letter which you are going to write. Got it?" The performer takes his card and the NORMAL pencil, closes his eyes and pretends to write inside the circle on his card. He does not write anything, puts the card into his envelope with the circle towards the flap. He presses the envelope so the flap springs open, and places it into his stand. (The spectator's stand should be on the left, and the performer's on the right of the table. It would be best for the performer to have a special little table, about 20 by 30 cm. which is used for this routine only.)

"I think I have received the letter you are thinking of. I believe I am correct, but I am not sure. Now write your letter, please."

After the spectator has written and placed the card into his envelope, you say:

10 This Is explained later, along with a substitute method. BP

"I have been watching you write, and I am afraid that it did not work this time. I won't venture to look." (Hesitatingly going back and forth between the two envelopes) "No, I think we'd better leave it as it is. To have some more hope, I'd better do another, less risky experiment." (The reaction of the audience will depend on your acting ability. The audience must believe that you are not kidding!)

Now you do your next experiment It must be one with a quick effect!!

Then you start acting once more: Go to the envelopes, shake your head in grief: "No, no, I don't believe it. It would be too fantastic if I could have known the very letter you were thinking of. It would give me a swelled head if this worked. But I am not the greatest - right now I feel like the worst."11

You start the next experiment which could be, for instance, the book test After the applause, you could tell the medium:

"You were clairvoyant, weren't you? Perhaps you still are! Look at these envelopes. Can you see if both contain the same letter? Think - it would be absolutely fantastic: I wrote my letter BEFORE the gentleman wrote his. If I HAVE written the same letter, then I would be the greatest." Nevermind what the medium says:

"Whatever you see, I won't venture to look at this card."

When you say this, take the envelope of the medium, keeping your head turned away. Because you have difficulty opening the envelope, you moisten your finger. Then you grasp the card in the envelope, take the impression, and place the card in the stand, with the blank side of the

11 You could also say, "the very least." BP

card toward the audience (which will place the circle against the stand).

Take your envelope with your LEFT hand, open the flap, and grasp the card with your right hand. Press hard to make the impression, place the envelope back into the left hand, close the flap and show it carelessly from both sides. Look at your audience, not at your card! Take the card out of the envelope and place it into its stand the same way as the other one. Both letters are therefore hidden.

"If both of these cards have the same letter written on them, I would be the greatest, but that would :>e too fantastic, and I still don't want to look."

(To the "book-medium":) "Please come back on ┬╗tage and show us the miracle...or the disgrace."

The performer goes back, hides his head and calls "Samuel, help!'"2 Alter the medium has shown the cards, the performer comes forward during the applause, looks in amazement at the cards, folds his hands in relief:

"Thank you, Samuel!" He takes the cards and holds them up high, saying: "Oh, boy! I am the greatest!" (The performer always asserts that he never sa w the writing side of the cards. He wrote with his eyes closed.)

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