Your couple, which can also be a couple without an anniversary, is asked to come up on stage. He is given a deck of cards to shuffle. Then the performer gives each of them one half of the deck, which they shuffle once more. Now the performer states that each of them has a preference for a particular card, but that they are not aware of it. If they turn off their conscious mind and turn on their subconscious, they will know which card ii is when they look through the deck. So they are instructed to slowly look through their cards. As they do so, one card will seem to be more sympathetic or more appealing to them, that is, that it will stand out from the others. When they have found this card, each of them is to remove it and place it face down in the performer's hand. They do so. The performer takes the rest of the cards back with his other hand.

Then the performer says to the lady: "Your card has something to do with your love for your husband. Is that correct? Naturally, it is a heart." She agrees. "And since your husband is the king of your heart, it must be the king of hearts. Is that also right?" She agrees again.

The red cards have been pulled out about 1/3 of the way. Above are the red cards, among them the queen of spades, below are the black cards, with the king of hearts in the middle.

Now to the man: "On the other hand, you have thought of a lady, but not your wife. That's the way we men are. It is a dark11 lady. No, it is not your mother-in-law, because she is an angel. You have chosen the queen of spades." So saying, the performer displays both cards to the audience.

I also pinched the question mark from Goldstein. For him it means: "So, how was that done?"

Please - no idea?

A "stripper" deck! Place the queen of spades in among the red cards and the king of hearts in with the black cards. Shuffle the cards together so the reds and blacks can be separated.12 Now when you separate the cards in the well known manner, then you will have all the black cards in one hand with the king

TT Technically, this line should read: "it Is a black lady." I would avoid using the line In this form because of the racial overtones. "Dark" can connote "sinister," which would be acceptable in most circles. If there is a question, you could always say: "It is a dark haired lady, a brunette." BP 12 Just in case you are not familiar with the "strlpper" deck, here is how it works. The cards are tapered so one end is narrower than thé others. If one or more cards are turned end for end in the deck, the edges will protrude at one end of the deck. By running your thumb and index finger down the lon£ edges of the deck, you can strip the protruding card out. To set this deck up, make sure all the cards are "aimed the same way. Separate the reds ana blacks then place the queen of spades in with the red cards and the king of hearts In with the black cards. Place the narrow ends of both packets together and execute a riffle shuffle. You will now have a deck of cards that you can separate into reds and blacks using the same stripping out technique that you would use to strip out a single caret.

As long as the spectators shuffle the deck without reversing any cards, this arrangement will remain undisturbed.

George Sands sells "belly strippers," which will allow you to do the whole thing without ever having to worry about any problems with incorrect shuffles. You would use convex reds with a queen of spades and concave blacks with the king of hearts. BP

of hearts among them and all the red cards in the other, along with the queen of spades.

Now the man gets the red cards and the lady the blacks. If you say what I have written in the presentation, the two of them have no choice but to choose the single card of the opposite color. Your two spectators are your accomplices and they scarcely realize it. The audience will not know this at all.

If they don't figure it out and they select the wrong card, you may use a marked deck to determine which card it is.13 This will seldom, if ever, happen, especially if the couple on stage has already warmed up to you.

Is it clear to you now that the shuffle doesn't change anything? Now, isn't this wonderful?

Thanks, Phil!

13 Here Is a suggestion. In the U.S., the average spectator Is very suspicious of any type of cams other than "Bee" or "Bicycle Rider Backs." It is very easy to obtain a well made poker sized Bicycle Rider Back stripper deck. Mark these cards using the Ted Lesley's The Working Performer's Marked Deck, and you will have a sure-fire setup for this trick. DO NOT USE A DELAND'S DECK or any cheap prefabricated "magic cards." If you do, you will kill this trick. BP

Here, lam holding a crystal ball made ofacrylic, which came from the firm Bauer Verlag. In 1979 it cost 80 marks. The white Japanese silk has been omitted.

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