One of the most beautiful props of the mentalist is the crystal ball. If it is placed upon a wooden stand with a light behind it (a candle is enough!), it is the center of attraction of the stage. Yes, it is an even a decoration for a display case. It is somewhat of a symbol of the mysterious. "In it, the Adept - the Initiated one - sees the Past, the Present, and the Future." A magician can even see secret thoughts, and as you will see, secret signs, symbols, writing, colors, and naturally playing cards.

In Chapter 3, in "The Anniversary", I have described one of these possibilities. Probably one of the most impressive: the spectator first sees a nude woman (and what a nude!) - and then a freely selected card, which a spectator has in his pocket which nobody can possibly know the identity of.

The basic improvement which I - as far as I know - have invented, is the use of the white silk handkerchief in conjunction with the ball. With this combination, the "message" lies under the silk with the ball on top of it. This allows you to cause the picture, word, symbol, etc. to appear slowly and to disappear.14

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Practical Mental Influence

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