Publisher's Preface viii

Translator's Introduction ix

Contents xiii

1st Booklet

The Interrupted Dream 1

How long should a performance be? 2

What kind of effect is it? 6

Presentation I 8

Presentation II 9

Explanation of the various effects 14

Switching the coin 21

Final observations 28

The Bermuda Triangle 31

Mental Training 34

2nd Booklet

Real Magic & The Anniversary 35

Real Magic: The Props 39

Presentation 40

The Anniversary 55

Concerning the Props 67

The Perfume Trick 69

3rd Booklet

The Punx Test & The Pun* Prediction 73

The Punx Test 74

Presentation 75

The Method 79

"Afterword" 82

The Punx Prediction 84

Requirements 87

Presentation 88

Outline of the routine 96

Necessary Addendum 98

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

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