Psycho Bell 179

The Dictionary Trick 181

"Reflecta-Thot" 183

Psycho Bell, Version 1 185

Psycho Bell, Version 2 192

Outline of the Routine, Version 2 199

Five "Word Cards" 200


The Super Punx Test 211

Effect 1: ESP Symbols 212

Secret: ESP Symbols 214

Effect 2: The Book Test 217

Secret : The Book Test 219

Effect 3: "I am THE GREATEST!" 224

Additional Explanations 228

The Props 229

A Letter for You 233

Bibliography 235


1st Booklet

Practical Mental Influence

Practical Mental Influence

Unlock the Powers of Mental Concentration to Influence Other People and to Change Situations. Learn How to mold the mind one-pointed, until you have focused and directed a mighty degree of Mental Influence toward the desired object.

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